Eating to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a serious disease that can be easily prevented with the right diet and exercise. Unfortunately there are many women out there who aren’t aware of how important having strong bones is later in life. And while osteoporosis is preventable it is currently incurable. Here a few tips to prevent you from breaking your hip bones later in life.

Got Milk? Drinking your milk is still the best source of calcium for the body. Depending on your age, your body needs at least 800mg of calcium a day. Half a pint of cow’s milk (800 ml) contains 300mg of calcium. Low-fat dairy products contain the same amount of calcium needed for the body. Fortified milk products provide you with both calcium and vitamin D.

Limit your caffeine. Soda have been proven to decay bones. Remember that old science test about dipping a tooth in soda for a week? Researchers believe that the phosphoric acid in cola affects the body’s absorption of calcium. Drinking too much caffeine is detrimental to the strength of your bones. Limit your coffee intake to three cups a day.

Smell all those things fishy. Canned sardines and salmon are rich in calcium. As a substitute to a tuna sandwich open a can of sardines and mix it mayonnaise. Add some salt and pepper and spread over some whole wheat bread. It’s rich in calcium plus it makes a great snack.

Minerals are good for you. This may come as a shock to some but mineral water is also a source of calcium. Drink two glasses of mineral water a day. Your body will absorb the calcium just the same as it does with the calcium in milk. Just make sure that the water is mineral water and not the ordinary spring water.

Oy Soy. Soy contains calcium and some plant estrogens. These plant estrogens help maintain the density in your bones. Try drinking some soy milk, munch on soybean nuts or replace regular flour with soy flour.

Go Veggies. If you hid your vegetables under the table for your dog to eat when you were young the you are in danger of developing osteoporosis and a host of other diseases. Vegetables are rich in calcium, potassium and vitamin K. Bananas are also a potassium boost. Besides vegetables are good for you. Eat it.

Squat. Your hips are prone to fracture when you have osteoporosis. Doing some squats before you go to bed will strengthen your hips. When you’re doing squats pretend you are going to sit in a chair only there is no chair behind you.

Get some sun. Without sunscreen. This may seem like an invitation to skin cancer but it’s a great way to get vitamin D which helps in absorbing calcium. Sunshine is also good for enhancing your mood as well as preventing you from looking like a vampire. Get some sunlight 15 minutes every day.

Ride your bike. Recent studies have shown that off-road bikers have more bone density than the average walking person. All that bouncing may contribute to bone growth. You may not aim to win the Tour de France but you can at least have stronger bones than the average person. Wear safety gear when you do ride. You definitely don’t want to break those strong bones.

Take calcium supplements. Always pick calcium supplements. After menopause the required calcium intake for women rises to about 1,500 to 2,000 mg daily. Take the right type of calcium supplements at the right time. Calcium citrate is absorbed more readily on an empty stomach, while calcium carbonate is absorbed best when taken with food.

Sleep at night. Sleep is important for bone growth. Much of the new bone growth occurs at night when you sleep. Hang room darkening curtains if you can’t sleep at night. The body needs time to perform the important task of replacing old bone with new ones.

No Smoking here. Smokers have lesser bone density than healthy people. Quit smoking, it causes cancer and increases the chances of you slipping and fracturing your hip bones when you get older.

Be Happy. Depression produces a chemical called cortisol that saps calcium from your bones. Happier people actually do live longer and healthier. So lift that black mood today.


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