Reducing Breast Cancer Risks

The threat of breast cancer inspires fear into a lot of women. For some losing their breasts is much like losing a big part of being female. While there is no known cure for breast cancer there are ways of reducing the risk of contracting this deadly disease.

Eating right. A healthy diet that is high in fiber and low in fact can help you fight breast cancer. Get your daily amount of vegetables and fruits for a variety of vitamins and minerals to keep your body strong. Limit your intake of fat. This is a basic dietary tip that can fight a host of disorders and keeps you svelte and happy about your body image.

Exercise. Recent studies have found a correlation between daily physical activity and breast cancer. Women with the highest physical activity levels had the lowest levels of circulating estrogens the sex hormones that fuel breast cancer cells.

There was a significant decrease in the two most common forms of estrogen, estrone and estradiol, with healthy and active women as opposed to those with low physical activity levels. Women with high levels of estrogen have a four times higher risk of getting breast cancer. A few hours of exercise every week won’t hurt you so get off that couch and into a treadmill today.

Hormones. The Women’s Health Initiative Study has revealed that using the drug Prempro for several years may increase the risk of breast cancer. Talk to your physician about reconsidering hormone treatment.

Limit Alcohol Consumption. Aside from scarring your liver alcohol increases chances your chance of getting breast cancer. Limit your alcohol intake to one drink per day or just stick to water.

Aspirin. No one really knows for sure what aspirin is made of but there has been studies that show taking aspirin lessens the risk of breast cancer. The Journal of American Medical Association found that women who took aspirin once a week had 20 percent less chance of developing breast cancer. Of course dealing with daily migraines can help in taking more aspirin.

Tamoxifen Therapy. Tamoxifen is a drug that blocks the effect of estrogen. This especially used for women with high risk of breast cancer. The drug can prevent some types of breast cancer from evolving.

Know your Family History. By knowing if your family has a history of breast cancer you can better alter your lifestyle to prevent any cancer from growing.

Daily Tests. Screening yourself for breast cancer won’t prevent it but you will catch the disease in time. Knowing you have breast cancer won’t kill you. Letting the disease run its course will.


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