Get Started Losing Weight

drink waterAn important first step, when starting a diet, is to get on the scale, see what you weight now, and then define your goal weight. You will know where you are now and where you want to be.

Never say you’re going to start your diet "tomorrow." Instead, set a date on the calendar as the day you will start your diet.

Get motivation

Find a supportive friend or in a support group. This will help you stay with your weight loss program.

Go for walk

Walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Look at your life and see if more walking can be inserted. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Make a shopping list

When you shop for groceries stick to your shopping list. This helps you guard against impulse buying. Make sure you list is complete and do not buy any extra food items.

Eat some green veggies

Add some veggies to one or more of your meals every day. Steam some broccoli, have a salad, or throw some spinach on your sandwich.

Drink water

We all know we should drink more water because it helps everything in your body run smoothly. Drinking plenty of water will also help the fiber you’re eating bulk up and make you feel full.

Do some exercises

Schedule your exercise time just as you plan your other activities of the day. Treat this time as an important appointment you don’t want to miss.

Hiring a personal fitness trainer is an excellent way to lose weight. Not only will they help you exercise properly and eat better, but just having someone watch over you is often enough to be the difference for some people.


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