How to Manage Your Stress

When something happens, we automatically make a mental note about and try to assess if it is threatening to us. Most of the time, when we think things are overwhelming or out of hand that’s the time we feel stress.

Imagine a vise grip depressing your temples while beating a deadline and worrying over matters at home. Stress levels differ on everyone and no two people reacts to the same situation similarly. Here’s some good ways to manage stress:

Identify what stresses you

That could come from some external factors: people, places, time or weather. Internal factors include exhaustion, hunger, illness, boredom or simply being out of energy.

Take control of your stress

In that case, decide on things that you think you can control. What goes on in our mind falls within our control. No one can make you feel stress, if you decide to react otherwise. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Learn to say No

If there are things that you feel like not doing, then don’t. Let them go. Remember that you can never please everybody, so don’t blame and stress yourself because you disappoint somebody from their expectations towards you.

Give yourself a limitation

Decide on what is most important and make them as your priorities. Learn to pick your argument and settle them right away to avoid stress. There was a serious joke about arguments, "If it doesn’t matter today, will it matter tomorrow? Or next month?"

We all know what we have to do to care for our physical needs but we also need to take care of our spiritual and mental health as well. It would not be so bad to learn something new, write your thoughts on a journal, find some time alone, go to a place you’ve never been before, or meditate.

Spend time each day doing those things that you are passionate about. Remember to breathe and keep your cool, both literally and figuratively!


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