Dealing With a Childs Video Game Addict

A rising problem among parents is that of video game addiction. There are stories about children who don’t leave their rooms for over 24 hours being continually plugged on their various gaming ‘worlds’.

Some kids start missing school and stealing to buy the latest consoles and games. There are even support groups for gaming widows who have lost their husbands or boyfriends to beautiful elves in the popular Everquest game. For the parents their children’s behavior screams of addiction. And they are powerless to stop it.

Gamers and video game developers are all scoffing at these concerns. There is no chemical dependency issue in video gaming, it’s purely self-induced. Serious gamers deny any accusations by claiming that their’s is just a hobby. How does one define the line between passionate play and true addiction?

Addiction takes you away from your life, you feel compulsively drawn to this one thing to the exclusion of all else. If your child stubbornly refuses limiting his video game hours and finds ways to play, it is a good indicator that your child is addicted.

Like any alcoholic or gambling addict, a video game addict needs help. Your child or spouse may deny that they have a problem but remember that acceptance of the problem is the first step towards curing the addiction.

Parents’ have the hard task of acting as both detox and guidance counselors. You may not have to go as far as smashing the computer or tying your child to the bed but here are some suggestions from experts to curb the video game addiction.

Monitor your child’s hours on the computer

Constant vigilance maybe impossible on your part but there are ways to monitor your child’s computer time. You can buy a device that will automatically shut down after a couple of hours each week.

Gaming is a privilege not a right

Gaming time has to be earned. Offer more hours on the computer as a reward for better grades or after doing chores. Your childre have to understand that they can’t use the computer any time they want to.

Set regular gaming times

Instead of allowing your kids to play every time they get home from school set their gaming time for weekends or just after dinner.

Encourage more real games

Instead of playing basketball or soccer on the computer persuade your child on the wonders of actually playing it live. This will get him or her the much needed exercise and wean him or her off the computer.

Look for other ways to alleviate the boredom

Gamers profess that they play games because real life bores them. Go on family trips or schedule a game night for the entire family. Also kids have to learn that sometimes real life really is boring but being immersed in a game will blind them to the other things that make life interesting.

Find your child’s niche

Your child may feel empowered by having the top score in a certain video game which makes stopping him even harder. Encourage your child to look for other hobbies or cultivate other interests.

If your child is good in golf praise him and allow him to enter tournaments. Winning in other areas can give your child the ego boost he gets from video game


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