Easy Ways to Handle Stress

Stress is defined as a feeling of emotional or physical tension. Emotional stress usually occurs when situations are considered difficult or unmanageable. Therefore, different people consider different situations as stressful.

Physical stress refers to a physiological reaction of the body to various triggers. The pain experienced after surgery is an example of physical stress.

Emotional stress, and emotional stress is frequently experienced as physical discomfort (e.g., stomach cramps).

Stress management refers to various efforts used to control and reduce the tension that occurs in these situations. Stress management involves making emotional and physical changes. The degree of stress and the desire to make the changes will determine the level of change that will take place.

Assessing the existence of stress:


The attitude of an individual can influence whether a situation or emotion is stressful or not. Having a negative attitude can predict stress in a person, because this type of person will often report more stress than would someone with a positive attitude.

Physical well-being

A poor nutritional status places the body in a state of physical stress and at risk of infection. As a result, the person can be more susceptible to infections. A poor nutritional state can be related to unhealthy food choices, inadequate food intake, or an erratic eating schedule.

A nutritionally unbalanced eating pattern can result in an inadequate intake of nutrients. This form of physical stress also decreases the ability to deal with situations that are perceived as difficult or unmanageable (emotional stress) because malnutrition will affect the way our brain processes information.

Physical activity

Inadequate physical activity can result in a stressful state for the body. Physical activity has many physiologic benefits. A consistent program of physical activity can contribute to a decrease in depression, if it exists. It also improves the feeling of well-being.

Support systems

Most everyone needs someone in their life whom they can rely on when they are having a hard time. Minimal or absent support systems make stressful situations more difficult to deal with.


People with no outside interests, hobbies, or means of relaxation, may be unable to handle stressful situations because they have no outlet for stress.


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