How Past Life Regression Therapy Work

What is past life regression therapy?

Among the many new age therapies bombarding the average person one of the most imaginative is most probably past life regression or PRT. This technique posits the existence of past lives for every living person. Past life regression is supposedly journeying to view past lives while under hypnosis.

As a therapy PRT aims to help people understand the problems besetting them today by connecting them to the troubles of a past life. PRT helps to resolve issues from a past life that are creating issues in the present life If for example you were a murderous pirate in a past life then the feelings of guilt and anger of that life contributes to your present day homicidal tendencies.

As an intriguing exercise in new age exploration PRT is harmless enough but as a method for healing psychiatrists hold certain reservations about it. For one the patient may be deluding himself into creating memories of a past life. For another such delusions could be powerful enough to directly affect the patient’s daily life. A patient who remembers his life as Genghis Khan he may be persuaded to start a campaign for world domination. Any type of hypnotic therapy should be handled carefully.

Methods of past life regression therapy

If you are interested in PRT enough to want to go to a trained past life therapist then you should do so at your own risk. The hourly bills for a therapist is high enough without adding centuries of angst to wade through. However there are methods for accessing your past life by yourself without shelling out hundreds of dollars. The therapy you will have to postpone some other time.

  • Preparation. Doing this exercise needs a long for any visions to pour into your head. Like any meditation technique do this in a quiet and comfortable place. Ask any higher guides for help or maybe Yoda. Do this exercise for no longer than 45 minutes. Set your objective for your journey. Do you want to find your soul mate? The reason you feel guilty every time you eat chocolate cake? Or what you need to heal the hurt in your soul?
  • Take deeps breaths. Allow yourself to feel comfortable and relaxed. Do not fall asleep. Do not leave this stage of the exercise until you feel completely at ease. You should now be experiencing a perfect moment of stillness and peace.
  • Imagine a long and winding tunnel. At the very end there is a locked door. This is the door to your past lives. Allow yourself a moment to relax before the door. Sit down on an imaginary couch. Do no force yourself to unlock the door. Bask in the warm feeling of peace and good will towards your fellow man. If you feel yourself ready to go through the door stand in front of it.
  • Before going through the door declare your intentions on the journey to the powers that be. You need to have a safe journey and this part is important lest you fall to the dark side. Remind yourself that you will see your past lives as a movie. Your past lives cannot hurt you in anyway.
  • Open the door. There is a screening room in front of you. Sit on the chair in front of the giant chair. On the arm rest there are two buttons. One starts the movie that is your past life. The other button will instantly whisk you back to room in front of the door.
  • When you push the button that starts your viewing of your past life, you will start to see yourself. If you can’t focus on the screen ask yourself what your past self is wearing. What type of shoes? What color of shirt? Once you are focused push play and the movie starts.
  • Time your journey for only 20 minutes. When you are more experienced you can stay longer. For now take the time to glean what you were like in your past life.
  • When your journey has ended push the other button and end your session. You will be back at the door. Take a pit spot before climbing through the tunnel. When you are ready begin your ascent to wakefulness. Readjust to the reality of your banal present day life.

Uses of past life therapy

Any therapy relies on the belief of the patient that he or she can be cured with the technique. Regardless of whether or not you believe in past lives the images you do conjure in your regression is an insight into your subconscious. Use this knowledge to change what needs to be changed in your real life. Although discovering you were Alexander the Great in a past life may make adjusting to your job as a clerk difficult.


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