How to Give a Relaxing Back Massage

back massageAfter a long day at the office there is nothing more welcome than a massage. A massage is relaxing and relieves a lot of the stress and tension that can accumulate during the day. A full body massage would mostly focus on the back as this is the part of the body where most of the tension stores up.

While getting a massage from a trained therapist is the best thing you can give yourself there is nothing stopping you from giving and receiving a therapeutic massage in your home. Here are a few pointers to give you and your significant other a relaxing back massage.

Get the right stuff.

Even if you’re not planning to run a massage parlor you can set the right mood by placing aromatic candles around the room before the massage session. Not only will it give you a relaxing atmosphere but you’ll set the right tone for future amorous activities with the person you are massaging.

Choose the type of oil you’ll use. The are a number of oils out on the market. A working knowledge of the components in each type of oil will prevent you from accidentally using an oil your partner is allergic to. Use an edible type of oil because it is friendlier to your body. Almond oil is an excellent emollient and is non-greasy.

Using the right position.

Have your partner lie face down on a flat surface. Make sure he or she is comfortable with the position, if not you can move the massage to a chair. Have your partner straddle the chair and hug the chair’s back.

The first steps.

Rub oil over your partner’s back. Start with a gentle stroke at the base of the neck. Position your partner’s head to other side of where you are massaging. Use your thumbs and make slow circles over the areas of tension you find. If you’re doing it right your partner will be in a very relaxed and sleepy mood right now. Avoid any sudden movements that will disturb him or her.

The Upper Back.

Move to the right of your partner. With your left hand move upwards to the right shoulder. Place your right hand on the your partner’s shoulder. Move your right hand down to meet your left hand. Use your fingers and thumb and evenly stroke your partner’s back.

After you are finished with the right side of your partner move his or her head to other side. Using the same technique massage the left side of your partner. Don’t massage directly over the spine. This is a very sensitive spot in the body and unless you have feathery light touch it would be best to leave it alone. Work on the muscles on the either side of your partner’s body.

The Lower Back.

Now it’s time to move to your partner’s lower back. Position yourself near the lower back. Use the first and index fingers of each hand. Make rhythmic and overlapping movements all the way down the back. Then oil the lower back but remember to keep your touch light. Start at the spine and move your fingers in opposite directions outwards to the sides of the back.


A good massage can be beneficial both in terms of physical and mental health. Massage therapy can drain away the tension and give the person a better outlook on life. At the very least if you give your partner a wonderful back rub you can expect much loving later on.


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