Staying Healthy at Work

Sitting at a desk and turning into a soft, ever-expanding lump of flesh?

Try exercising at your desk – You can do some stretching exercises while sitting in your chair, and a lot more out of it. You can even lift some small weights. Or why not just get up and walk around the office for a bit? Better yet, try the stairs.

Eat healthy – Go for the diet soda instead of the sugary one. Better yet, why not just water? Snack on healthy, high-fiber low-fat choices. Go for skinless chicken, fish or veggies during lunch instead of that steak.

Work out your mind too – Do some puzzles or learn a new language. Eat antioxidant-rich foods (those with lots of vitamin C, E, beta carotine and the B vitamins) to boost your brain.

Take a nap – Studies show that this has a positive effect on the brain’s memory and cognitive functions. Enlighten your boss about this (that would be a good brain work out too.)

Stop smoking – Easier than it sounds? Yes, but we all know the benefits, don’t we? Like a huge decrease in the risk of cardiovascular and lung problems. You may lose your current social network (smoking buddies), if you do this though.

De-stress – There are a lot ways to do this. Find some that you enjoy doing. But don’t violate the other ways to stay health, of course!


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