Understanding Female Puberty

Like boys, girls undergo puberty as their bodies change into adults. And just as boys, girls’ puberty can be just as embarrassing. But do not worry; puberty is part of growing up to become a full-grown woman. Here is an explanation as what happens to a girl’s body as she transforms during puberty.

Some girls go through puberty later than others – In girls, puberty begins between the ages of eleven to eighteen. If a girl is sixteen and hasn’t undergone puberty yet, she doesn’t have to worry. Every body has its own timetable.

Puberty is a gradual process – A girl does not wake up a changed woman all of a sudden. Puberty takes months, even years, to complete.

Puberty begins inside – The first changes usually are not seen with your eyes. Inside a girl’s body, it begins to produce greater amounts of chemicals called hormones. Once increased hormones are released in your body, puberty begins.

Breast development – The first sign of puberty in girls is usually a firm, tender lump under the nipple. As a girl grows older, the breasts increase in size and become matured.

Facial and body hair – Hair would begin to grow at the pubic area. They grow by numbers until it appears like an upside-down triangle, although there are some girls whose pubic hair reached to the thighs or even at the abdominals. Months after the pubic hair appears, other parts of the body would grow hair also, such as the underarm, on the upper lip, below the temples, and around the nipple. Arm and leg hair becomes heavier more gradually.

Oilier, sweatier skin – During puberty, girls would perspire more, resulting to having body odor. Also, the skin becomes oilier, making the body (especially the face) to be prone to acne.

Changes in the reproductive system – The increased levels of hormones make a girl’s vagina thicker and duller pink in color. She will also experience whitish secretions from her vagina. Meanwhile, the girl’s uterus and ovaries inside her body would increase in size.

Menstruation and fertility – A girl’s first menstruation usually happens about two years after her breasts begin to increase in size. Menstruation periods are not always regular at first. Two years after the first menstruation, the girl’s ovaries would begin to develop egg cells, which are necessary for fertility.

Body composition – During puberty, the girl’s lower hips widen. Meanwhile, fat tissues increase more, especially around the breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Growth spurt – The growth spurt in girls begins at the same time the earliest breast changes begin. Their legs and feet grow faster, and as they become adults their spine grows considerably as well.


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