Understanding Male Puberty

Every young male undergoes the physical stage of puberty, where he would feel a lot of changes in his body as he becomes a man. But what exactly are these changes? Do they go beyond the lower voice and the broader shoulders? Let us guide you through this process.

Some boys go through puberty later than others – In boys, puberty begins between the ages of nine and sixteen. If a boy is thirteen and hasn’t undergone puberty yet, he doesn’t have to worry. Every body has its own timetable.

Puberty is a gradual process – A boy does not wake up a changed man all of a sudden. Puberty takes months, even years, to complete.

Puberty begins inside – The first changes usually are not seen with your eyes. Inside a boy’s body, it begins to produce greater amounts of chemicals called hormones (particularly testosterone, which is produced by the testicles). Once increased hormones are released in your body, puberty begins.

Lower voice – The boy’s voice will begin to change and become deeper. During this time, there would be occasional voice cracks as the high-pitched squeak becomes lower.

Body hair – Hair will begin to grow in new places such as the underarms, above the penis, on the chest, on the facial area, and on the boy’s arms and legs.

Oilier, sweatier skin – An oilier skin, especially around your face, makes it prone to pimples and blackheads. Also, boys will notice that they would sweat more, and that their body has a stronger smell.

Increased penis and testicle size – A boy’s penis will grow longer, and his testicles will get heavier and hang lower. Erections would happen more frequently.

Active reproductive system – The boy’s testicles will start working and develop seminal fluids. It’s normal for a boy to wake up with wet underpants, signifying that he had nocturnal emissions (or wet dreams).

Growth spurt – The boy’s height would slowly become considerably taller than before. Also, the muscles become bigger as his shoulders become broader.

Breast growth – Even boys have “internal” breasts, and they grow and become tender during puberty. Don’t worry; this would go away within a year or two.

Emotional changes – Boys tend to become more self-conscious or sensitive. Also, mood swings would trigger sudden bursts of anger or happiness.


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