How to Improve Your Memory

Our brain is like a sponge. It soaks up information continuously. The problem is in accessing these stored memories. Some people’s memories are so bad that their brains are more like sieves.

Memory does deteriorate as one ages but it isn’t due to the aging process. Your memory is how you make it. There are steps do prevent your memory from decaying with the rest of our body. If while you’re reading this you have already forgotten the title then you should definitely take note of the following suggestions.

Eat the right stuff. Health freaks would say ‘I told you so’. Having a well balanced diet is helpful to the body and the mind. Eating oily fish, like trout and mackerel rich in Omega- 3, actually does keep your memory sharp. Try to eat at least 3 portions of oily fish a week. If nothing else you can snipe back at the health freaks.

Coffee is good for you. And there are those who say that nothing good will come from drinking coffee. Caffeine as all regular coffee drinkers know, stimulates the brain into a degree of wakefulness and concentration. However 6 cups of coffee a day is the maximum amount one should drink. More than that and you’ll be bouncing off the walls as well as have blood cholesterol off the charts.

Exercising your mind isn’t just for the geeks. Those who used to pick on the nerdy kids should apologize. Keeping the mind active is an excellent way to keep your memory intact. Those who aren’t used to flexing the brain should try reading the newspapers, playing chess or watching Jeopardy on television.

Exercising your body isn’t just for the jocks. Physical exercise improves the heart’s ability to pump blood more effectively. More blood to the front of the brain means better memory. At least half an hour of exercise three times a week will drastically improve your mental faculties.

Visualize this. A popular trick to help you remember more is by associating a word with an image. If you want to remember your shopping list try to create a story with every item. Or if you want to remember names link it with a ridiculous visual image. Bob is such a common name but try imagining the face with an action as bobbing for apples.

Gum is an annoying habit. But it does help with memory. Studies have shown that those who chewed gum during tests did better than those who didn’t. The simple reason is that heart rate increases while chewing and this in turn improves the delivery of blood to the brain.

Learn something new each day. This will keep your brain from atrophying. Go to museums or read a book. Learning a new language will also stimulate the frontal lobes.

Keep your iron high. Reduced iron intake equals low hemoglobin levels equals less oxygen for the brain. If you can work out that equation then you probably don’t need iron. For the rest eating iron rich foods such as chicken, fish or drinking fruit juices will boost your iron level.

Ginkgo isn’t just a tree. Eastern cultures have been advocating ginkgo for thousands of years. We’re not arguing with all that wisdom. Ginkgo improves blood circulation to the brain. 

Plan your way around. For those with truly horrible memories writing down every aspect of their lives in a notebook will keep others from constantly reminding them of the things they have forgotten. Or you could also place post-its on the things you have to do like a post it in front of the oven to cook dinner.


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