How to Overcome Adversity

Each of us has experienced adversity in one way or another. Some underwent more hardships than others, either in the workplace or in our personal lives. We should realize that we may go through adversity, but we may not know how to get through adversity. So, instead of burying your head in the sand just waiting for time to pass, or until the universe forgets about the situation, you should actively work through your adversity and help ease the pain and frustration.

Here are some strategies that would help you get through the tough times.

Patience – This may be the hardest to achieve, but it should be the first thing you should develop when faced with adversity. The key is to know that in the end, everything will work out the way it is intended to. Develop patience by surrendering yourself to the fact that there is a time frame for everything.

Forgiveness – Pardon the other person who has wronged you. If you do not allow yourself to forgive, you utilize a great deal of negative energy as you harbor old thoughts and feelings. Learn to forgive and use the same energy in a positive way to take back your life. While forgiving the other person, make sure you also forgive yourself for any misgivings and shortcomings. Let go of the other half of negative energy as you forgive yourself.

Acceptance – Recognize the situation that you are facing. Do not deny and turn the other way just because things are not going your way. Remember that even in the cloudiest of days, a ray of light would always peer through.

Thankfulness – Be appreciative for the adversity. It can be considered as God’s way of saying that you are worthy of His teachings. It can also be looked upon as a difficult lesson to learn with flying colors.

Detachment – Some people say that if you love someone, set it free; if it comes back to you, it’s yours. If something is meant to be a part of your life, it will materialize, so do not hold on to something ever so desperately.

Understanding – We always ask ourselves, “Why me?” However, it does not provide any answers other than making us feel guilty for having asked it in the first place. Instead ask yourself, “Why this?” It typically leads us to understanding our past thoughts and actions (either directly or through karma) that may have contributed to our current state.

Meditation – It is only in silence can we hear God’s voice or reflect on your desires. Listen closely and intently to what is happening all around you.

Maintaining a creative mind – Eliminate boredom for it will only lead you towards frustration and depression. Take up a hobby, or do some writing, you can volunteer you time or spend it with friends and family. These will make you feel good about yourself, allow you to want to move forward.

Work towards the future – Even if you do not feel that thing are moving forward, you should work on creating the future that you desire. You can start from the beginning by going back to school, or reading materials that are related to your desire. You can network yourself with like-minded people. No matter how small the steps that you take bear in mind that they always move forward.

Trust – If you are practicing a religion, let God and let God. We cannot have control over anything but our actions and a gut feeling (or heart’s desire) of what we hope the outcome of our lives to be. The rest is for God, or fate, to take action.


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