Setting Goals to Improve Your Life

Think about what you want to accomplish, and what steps you’ll take to reach your goals. Goals, small or big, should be realistic and specific.

Why Setting Goals?

  • To improve your self-confidence and self- esteem
  • To increase your motivation
  • To increase your pride and satisfaction
  • To be happier
  • To measure progress

How Setting Goals?

  • Write down what you want to accomplish – It will help you to keep. yourself committed to achieving your long-term and short-term goals.
  • Establish achievable and realistic goals.
  • Establish specific goals.
  • Set priorities when you have several goals.
  • Set a deadline for the achievement.
  • List the obstacles to overcome in accomplishing your goal.

How Achieving Goals?

  • Stay focused on your objective.
  • Track and record your progress and achievements.
  • Reward yourself.

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