Preventing Obesity and Chronic Diseases

Ever dreaded those weighing scales or the scrutinizing eyes of people?

Weight used to be equated to the concept of beauty but recently it has elevated itself with the concern for health. The common misconception about obesity is when a person is literally fat. However, obesity does not reflect how you look.

The crucial thing about being a normal weight is not looking a certain way as stereotyped by the community. Often those who looks stout are labeled as obese whereas the truth about having a normal wight means staying healthy and feeling good about it. Too much body fat is destructive to the body and looking fat or normal cannot guarantee for one to be safeguarded from obesity.

To be overweight and obese are two different states. Being obese, an individual suffers from excessive body fat or to put it simply overtly overweight making them vulnerable to health problems.

The good news is, it is never to late to practice a healthy lifestyle. With discipline and determination, one can prevent and avoid going through the nightmares of facing the weighting scale.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is a chronic disease. It continues to afflict an increasing number of of children, adolescents, and adults. In the US, Obesity has doubled since 1980 especially among children. For adolescents, it has tripled even for the adult population.

Health problems should be expected in an obese. Problems may include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression. The longer an individual is obese, the more likely significant-related risk factors are expected.

Many strategies have been formulated to get better weigh loss results. Surely, those who are in this state may feel outcast purporting them to indulge in their situation than actually addressing the risks at hand. The best way is not feel sorry about yourself rather finding the strength to avoid obesity.

Basic to prevent yourself from acquiring these health problems is maintaining a healthy weight. This would require you to make an extra effort to exercise regularly and taking in a healthy diet. Otherwise, you are back in the cycle of obesity.

Pointers to a Healthy Lifestyle

Sparing 30- 60 minutes away from the couch or the bed would do you good. Take a breeze walk exercise those legs while basking on the views of your neighborhood. Burn all those excess calories for it has no use to your body. Those calories can be the source of your demise in the long run.

Walking, swimming, and stretching are good ways to rid yourself of those calories. If you think your schedule would not permit such luxury, replace your routines– say use the stairs than the elevator. As such, you won’t have excuses of not being able to attend to your body.

Another simple activity would be tackling with your household chores than assigning it to some else. Burning those calories is important not because you want a Barbie shaped body, but because keeping a healthy pays.

Make sure you alternate your activities so you won’t get bored. Plus, variation can motivate you to stay fit. Routines tend to keep the body in its comfort zone.

On eating, choose the right food. It’s not only choosing though, consider the amount you take in. Make healthy choices everyday.

Drink water instead of soda , juices, and other drinks that are loaded with sugar. Most of all avoid fast food restaurants. Instead replace your cravings for those burgers with at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables. Eating is meant to pleasure the body, however there is such a thing as too much. Take in food when you are hungry and never when you are bored or sad.

To start a healthy lifestyle, it has to come from you. The conviction to begin a well rounded lifestyle lies on your choices and not of others.

The only way to enjoy life and your body is when you practice a healthy lifestyle. Learning to take care of your body will allow you to do greater things. Our body is our instrument to enjoy life’s goodness. It is capable of infinite and fascinating things, thus it is our responsibility to take good care of it.

Our body is our instrument to do the things we love doing. The best way to say our gratitude is by learning out to take care of it. Loving our body is loving our health and what life has to offer. The only person who can be responsible with it is ourself. Treating your body well is treating yourself with more treats.


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