Pubic Lice (Crabs)

Our culture permits us or at least tolerant enough subtly accepting the concept of multiple partner. Thus, it not to common for most people to change partners from time to time or as often as possible that even casual sex becomes the trend. Physical intimacy is the in thing. But having several sexual partners post haphazards that adventurous individuals no longer take into consideration just so they may satisfy their sexual drive.

What are they? 

Most common parasite that inhabits human is the lice. Having head lice is not hygienic nor pleasing to the eye or feeling. It gives the sense of irritation and constant itching. Down there is not an exception. The occurrence of pubic lice can be traced back over the years. If you think you are infected with crabs, best to see the doctor immediately for a diagnosis. You will be given medication or a prescription which you can avail over the counter.

Pubic lice, or commonly called "crabs" appear to some as an uncommon sexual health concern. But the truth of the matter is, it can get serious when left unnoticed. Such visitors should never be entertained especially it concerns the private areas.

These are tiny organism, grayish crab like organisms cling to the genital area. Once infected, you will notice them hanging about on your pubic hair.  And if left untreated it may spread to the whole body. Though the occurrence of pubic lice is not an epidemic, it is the most common of sexual health concerns especially among adolescents and young adults.

So how then should you get rid of these parasitic organism?

What are the symptoms?

It’s actually difficult to detect its presence, but the itchiness can cause scratch marks around the host’s private area. Apart from itching, another common symptom observed is the appearance of brown brown specks in one’s undergarments. These specks are actually the matter excreted by the pubic lice. Unfortunately, the infection is not noticed until a week but mature lice appears and develop only 2-3 weeks after.

The most common affected areas apart from the groin is the abdomen and anus. The skin is inflamed due to the bites of lice causing an inflamed skin which becomes bluish in complexion.

You can catch pubic lice when you have intercourse with someone who has. You may also get it from infected towels, beddings, even clothings. Once, it has inhabited your body, the sucking and itchiness begins Like any other lice such as head or body lice, it feeds on blood. Though, such infections are not as serious the itchiness becomes very uncomfortable to the host.

What can happen?

Condoms cannot prevent pubic lice from being transmitted to another person. So, best reaasure yourself that your partner is pubic lice free and you do the act in places that comply strict hygiene practices. It will not prevent you from having pubic lice since they live on the pubic hair.

Sadly, nit combs won’t do. Proper medication is needed to get rid of these unsightly and unwelcoming lice. Visiting the proper health practitioners will guarantee treatment.

Most importantly, make sure that your beddings and clothings are washed thoroughly since crabs and their eggs can survive for 1-2 weeks. If left in such state, the cycle again begins.

Female eggs may live up to 40 days laying over 20 to 30 eggs. Just imagine if they go untreated.

How is it treated?

Sure having sex is an accepted act in our community but it should also come with responsibility and safety measures to avoid any sort of sexual concerns.  You might to think of having multiple partners the next time. Know your partner’s sexual history so you get a backgrounder thus preventing yourself from going through the scratching and whimpering when the lice starts to inhabit the genital area. You wouldn’t want to be caught scratching yourself in public or be stigmatized for being unhygienic.

Well and good that you take pleasure in sexual activity. But being safe at all times is a bigger reward. It is of no doubt if anyone would like to be bothered by any sexual disease or infection so taking precautions can save you the itch and regrets. Enjoying sexual intercourse is something you really enjoy without the hassles afterwards.


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