Allergy Proofing Your Home

An allergy can be referred to several kinds of immune reactions, more notably nasal allergies where our body reacts to certain microscopic objects like dust. 

The word "allergy" derives from the Greek words "allos" (other) and "ergon" (work). It is very common among more than 50 million Americans, and it is also the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States.

Although the outside environment exposes us to pollen, dust, and other particles, it is in our homes where we are more susceptible to allergy. We have gathered several advices on allergy and home care.

Gear-up before cleaning your home – Ideally, an allergic person should not be doing extensive housecleaning. After all, the cleaning process stirs up the very allergens that provoke your symptoms. If you have to resort to clean the house by yourself, you have to be prepared. For instance, wear a high-quality dust mask along with baggy clothing, and plastic gloves.

Use a damp rag – Wipe dusty surfaces with a damp rag to capture the dust particles before they fly off.

Use a special vacuum cleaner – Choose a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter. These devices reduce airborne allergens by trapping dust mites and other small particles and keep them from re-releasing them into the air.

Take a shower after cleaning – Scrub off the dust and mites that unknowingly land on your skin.

Have someone else to do the dirty work for you – Even if you are very much equipped, there are cleaning activities that you just could not do such as cleaning the air filters and vacuuming underneath the bed, with its concentration of allergens could swarm at you. You could ask, employ, or bribe a family member or friend to do the real dirty work for you.


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