Balancing Your Body Through Color Therapy

Colors can affect one’s moods and emotions, but did you know that it can also help heal your body? Color therapy uses the colors’ sensitivities to identify and correct any imbalances in the body’s internal energy patterns that might lead to emotional or physical ill health. This is done by either staring at a prescribed color for several minutes or exposing a particular body part to a colored light. 

Here is a help list to guide you about what colors can do to your health.

Red – It is the color of stimulation, strengthening the life force, will, and sexuality. Red affects the circulatory and muscular systems, as well as giving the person a sense of power. It is used to treat anemia, bronchitis, constipation, idiocy, and paralysis. One should not use the color red for emotionally-disturbed people, as well as people suffering from fever and hypertension.

Orange – This color symbolizes activation, construction and optimism. Orange stimulates the thyroid gland as well as the lungs, as well as promoting happiness and joyfulness. It can be used in healing the spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, and adrenal glands. However, too much exposure to orange may adversely affect the nerves and should be balanced with shades of green-blues.

Yellow – The color is concerned with intellect and judgment. It stimulates mental ability and concentration, as it affects the abdominal area. Yellow can be used for depression and effective in treatment of digestive problems as well as eczema, diabetes, and rheumatism. It should not be used for diarrhea (as it further stimulates the colon), delirium, and those who suffer heart palpitations.

Green – It is the color of nature. Green balances our energies, and it can be used to increase our sensitivity and compassion. It has a calming effect to the nervous system as well as inflamed parts of the body and builder of bones and tissues. Green balances the metabolism, stabilizes the weight, tones liver, and benefits the pituitary gland. However, green should never be used on people with tumors, cancers, or anything malignant, as it helps things grow.

Blue – Blue deals with will power and communication. It is a calming color and good for curing insomnia. It can be used for throat problems, asthma, stress, and migraine. Blue is also good in improving one’s verbal skills and helps reduce tumors. However, do not use this color for people with constricted muscles and rheumatism. Also, excessive exposure to blue can make the person overly cold-natured.

Indigo – This color, as well as deeper shades of blue, is a dynamic healing color on both spiritual and physical levels. It purifies the blood and aids in detoxifying the body. Exposure to indigo can also help people become insensitive to pain.    This color is used to effectively treat all conditions on the face (such as hearing difficulties and nose bleeds), lung problems, and even obsession. However, too much indigo can cause depression and a sense of separateness from others. This side-effect is counteracted by exposure to orange.

Violet – This color is concerned with the energy of the higher mind, helping the balance of the physical and the spiritual energies. Violet affects the entire skeletal and nervous systems. Exposure to violet light (leaning to shades of blue) is used to ease arthritis. It is used to bolster self-esteem and counter feelings of hopelessness, as well as in the treatment of mental and nervous disorders. However, excessive exposure to violet may stagnate and suppress emotions-especially anger.

Lemon – Combining both yellow and green, lemon has the properties of both colors. It has important effects in digestive system as well as the left brain. A cerebral stimulant, lemon is effective in alleviating and treating conditions associated with the brain such as Alzheimer’s. Also, this color flushes away both physical and emotional toxins in the body, as well as treating digestive problems like appendicitis.

Turquoise – Also known as aqua, this color combines the cleansing action of green and the soothing action of blue. Turquoise is used to combat inflammatory diseases and to boost the immune system. It is also the prime skin-building color and should be used for burn patients after the pain is relieved, not to mention a cerebral depressant for over-active patients. 

Purple and Scarlet – These colors are a combination of red and blue. They have opposite effects. For instance, purple-which is leaning toward blue-is a vasodilator and lowers blood pressure. Meanwhile, scarlet (which leans towards red) is a vasoconstrictor and raises the blood pressure. The use of scarlet is for stimulation of kidney activity and sexual mechanisms such as impotence and scant menstruation. While purple is used in excessive menstruation, as well as an analgesic, anti-pyretic, narcotic, and even hypnotic effect on a person. However, because of its high vibrations, purple should be used sparingly as it promotes and aggravates depression.

Magenta – It is the color of the highest order, connected with spirituality, meditation, and letting go. It is an agent of change, clears out old attitudes and obsessions, and for making a break in the post. Magenta is used to stimulate the adrenal glands, the heart action, and the reproductive system. It is also a diuretic and a fine emotion stabilizer.

Ultra-Violet – Using ultra-violet light provides a chemical and bactericidal action on the blood and tissues. It accelerates the lymphatic and circulatory activities, as well normalizing metabolism. It is also used to stimulate the production of antibodies that immunize against diseases. Ultra-violet is used to treat goiter, sexually-transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and syphilis, heart and lung diseases and wounds.

White – White contains the entire light spectrum, thus influencing all systems of the body. The exposure to white light cleanses and purifies the entire energy system. It is also nurturing as it heal fevers, infections, and pain; calms the heart, mind, nerves, and emotions; and promotes vitality and supportive feelings. White can even awaken greater creativity. It is beneficial to begin and end a color therapy session with an exposure to white to stabilize the energy system of the individual and amplify the effect of any color used with it in a healing session. However, excessive use of white can cause passivity, lethargy, hypersensitivity, and inhibitions.

Black – It is a protective color. Black is grounding and calming, especially to extremely-sensitive individuals. It also strengthens the magnetic and feminine energies of the body. The psychological use of black has opposite effects: it promotes resistance, obstruction, opposition, and enmity; but at the same time it wards off hatred and negative emotions. This color is most effective when used side-by-side with white, balancing the polarities of an individual. Black can activate the subconscious mind, which can put life and all its craziness into proper perspective. As much as possible, it should not be used alone, but instead in conjunction with another color. However, too much black can aggravate depression and other emotional and mental conditions like fear, anxiety, and paranoia.

Brown – It is the color of earth and effective for healing. Brown calms emotions and extreme mental conditions. Brown can also awaken common sense and discrimination. Expose an individual to brown to stabilize all body systems. However, too much ex
posure to brown may make one’s personality coarser.

Gold – This is an important color in Oriental healing. Gold is principal in strengthening and amplifying, as well as being useful in increasing the self-consciousness. This color also has beneficial effects on the immune system, used with other colors to amplify its effects without overexciting the system. Gold is also strengthening to the heart, as it is used as a powerful tonic after a heart surgery. This color is also known to increase libido, especially among women. 

Pink – This is a soothing color on both physical and mental levels. Pink can be used to treat skin conditions (especially when combined with turquoise), as well as inflammations. It can be used to soothe conditions of anger and feelings of neglect, while awakening compassion, love, and purity. 


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