Basic Meditation Instructions

More and more doctors are prescribing meditation in a number of ailments. Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance a person’s physical, emotional, and mental stress, not to mention making you relaxed. Besides, anyone can do it, not just yoga masters. In order to get started with meditation, you should understand in doing so requires these four basic elements. 

A quiet place to meditate – The best environment to meditate should be conducive enough to lie down or sit straight, with all muscles relaxed. The place should have minimum distractions. Once you get used to meditating, you may be able to do so in busy places like railway stations, doctors’ waiting room, launderettes, on trains and buses among others.

A comfortable posture – There are many postures among meditation’s many techniques. What you should consider is that an ideal meditation posture is that the spine is kept straight (but not rigidly upright), the weight of the body distributed around it. A sitting posture-either on a chair or on the floor with both legs crossed-is better for meditation than lying down, since doing so could easily lead you to sleep. A poised yet relaxed posture promotes the right state of attention-awareness for successful meditation.

An object to dwell upon – Different meditation techniques draws attention to different objects from mantras to prayers, staring at an object or closing one’s eyes. However, meditation induces its deepest relaxation when thoughts are absent or of no importance. It’s much recommended to dwell upon your rhythmic breathing, from the gentle rise of your abdomen as you inhale until you flatten your stomach muscles as you exhale. Your breathing becomes very quiet and after several minutes, you begin to feel relaxed.

A passive attitude or poised awareness – This element is said to be the most essential. All you have to do is to be passively aware as you let go of the muscles tensions in arms, legs, trunk, and face. This also means that distractions such as sounds of nature, skin tingles, or thought intrusions, are viewed casually and detachedly. You have to let them come and go. If you get distracted, just bring your attention and awareness back to your meditation.


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