Facts About Constipation

Constipation is a sign that our digestive system is not working the way it should. Many people blame their actions such as improper eating or unhealthy lifestyle, however, these should not be assumed as the main reasons for constipation. 

Here we illustrate the facts about constipation and how you can avoid having one.

It is not about "one a day" – Contrary to popular belief, having one bowel movement a day is not necessarily healthy. A good indicator in having healthy digestion is that you have at least three bowel movements a week, without having to strain much.

Some have worse cases than you do – Constipation is a result of many different factors. Some people have more severe cases of chronic constipation that should be consulted with a healthcare professional.

Exercise is not exactly the way – We all know that exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, the extents to which exercises can benefit the symptoms of constipation are varied.

Poor diet is not to blame – Enjoying a balanced diet is part of a healthy lifestyle, so it’s easy to blame poor diet as the cause of constipation. The fact is that modern medical research shows that diet is not always the origin of the problem, especially for those with chronic constipation.

Changes in your diet may be at fault – Sudden changes in your diet can upset your body’s digestive process. If you do introduce changes to your diet, they should be made gradually.


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