Meditation Technique for Relaxation

Doing a Relaxation Meditation relieves stress can be used for an effecting two-minute relax and recharge break. This activity also increases awareness.

This remarkably easy and relaxing meditation makes use of a little-known secret about the eyes. Follow these steps to master it.

Sit comfortably with your spine straight enough.

Allow your eyes to rest comfortably downward. Gaze softly, but not focused on anything.

Let your eyelids drops without closing your eyes completely. It should be at a level that feels comfortable to you.

Continue gazing downward, focusing on the act of staring rather than the area at which you are looking. You may notice your breathing become more rhythmic.

Let attention drift a little. If your eyes become very heavy, it’s okay to let them close.

If you notice you’ve become distracted out of your relaxed space, just bring your attention back to your relaxed downward gaze.


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