Teaching Meditation to Children

Introducing meditation to children is facilitated by an adult who has been performing meditations often. In this way, the adult could provide the children first-hand experience of the difficulties and pleasures involved in this activity. 

However, if you are new to meditation you can still teach this to children. It would be great that you and the children learn to meditate at the same time. To start teaching the children, here are some reminders that you should consider.

Be calm, supportive, and sympathetic – In doing so, the children could respond to your teachings favorably. Remember that meditation may be a new activity for the kids.

Don’t expect too much from children – Some may enjoy meditation and others may not. Let the children learn to meditate at their own pace.

Don’t force children – Young children have a short attention span. They may enjoy meditation at first but may not want to do it for long periods, so don’t force them to.

Never show disappointment or impatience with children – As said before, you should not force the children to learn meditation seriously. On that note, showing impatience on your part would make it harder for them to learn or may just put them off meditation for the rest of their lives.

Explain that meditation is not about competition – Make it clear that children are not in competition with each other. Explain that meditation, like breathing, is not an area in which we compete with each other. Reinforce this by taking care not to praise some children at the expense of others, keeping praises general and not rebuking one child in front of the others.

Keep instructions simple – Children prefer to do things simple, so teach them using simple instructions and as few words as possible.

Use an appropriate tone – When teaching children, it is best that your voice convey a gentle and soft, but not hypnotic. Deliver your words confidently and without rush.

Set a good example – Remember that children learn best from adults they admire and who provide them with a good example of the kind of person they themselves would like to become one day. They would be more motivated if children would see you as patient, caring, happy, and relaxed (qualities that meditation can help develop).


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