Time Saving Tips For Doing Errands

Time-management is what people clamor for these days. With so many things to do, we often do not have the time for some important chores. Here are our suggestions and tips that you can live by.

Attend to all your errands in sequence by location – Think about all the places you must stop before leaving your home. Decide on a travel route that will pass each place, and on what direction you intend to travel. Start your errand at the stop farthest from your home and work back towards your home.

Place your order by phone or Internet beforehand – Ordering items ahead of time saves time since you could just pick them up once you are there. You won’t have to wait in line or buy additional items that might catch your attention.

Get your postage on the Internet – The US Postal Service offers software-based postage solutions that can be downloaded on your computer and used for all mail classes except for periodicals. Log on to www.usps.com, set up an account with an authorized vendor and you will be able to print postage on envelopes, labels, or print paper from your computer.

Delegate – Even if only occasionally, find creative and affordable ways to delegate as many chores or errands as possible. You can share errands with a neighbor or hire someone to your house if you can afford it.


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