Misconceptions About Arthritis

Through out history, arthritis has always inflicted on the human anatomy. Few studies have can point the major cause of this disease. But the forgoing study of this chronic disease assists in the advancement of medications to address this health issue.

Arthritis and inflammation are very common as we become older. We feel the swelling and inflammation of the joints. Sometimes, most people freak out with the fact that age and what we digest are related with this disease. Almost 1 out 3 people, particularly, in the United States acquire arthritis.

Arthritis is a chronic disease that will be with you for a long time and possibly for the rest of your life. Your treatments will probably change over time and medication may be adjusted. Having a positive mental outlook and the support of family and friends will help you live with arthritis and be able to continue to perform your daily activities.

Little knowledge of arthritis has led to common misconceptions of the disease. Most people are not aware of the true nature or at least medical findings on arthritis. Below are the common misconceptions on arthritis.

The pain of having arthritis is the same everyday. People have the general idea that individuals suffering from this chronic disease experience the same pain when arthritis kicks in. However, the pain the disease carries vary in intensity and each experience will not be the same as the one has experienced the previous nights or mornings.

Only those falling at the age bracket of 60 onwards have arthritis. With about 100 types of arthritis, children are not exempted. Unfortunately, even those as young beginning from infancy can suffer from this chronic disease.

Cold weather is not the main reason for arthritis. Even countries with warm climate have many cases of patients with arthritis. It does not necessarily mean that being exposed to cold will initially trigger the disease. In fact, warm climate can do so. Factors for acquiring arthritis varies as well and is not solely dependent on the temperature.

Arthritis is caused by one’s poor diet intake. Again, there has never been proof nor a direct correlation between eating healthy food with the development of arthritis in our joints. The amount of food intake however, is more crucial to individuals with arthritis since being overweight strains the inflamed joints.

Arthritis is a minor physical inconvenience. The truth is, arthritis seconds heart disease as one of the chronic illnesses because suffering from one can lead to immobility and unproductivivity. Certain activities are limited due to the pain one experience when diagnosed with arthritis. The pain becomes unbearable that most extreme monitoring of pain management is crucial since those suffering from this illness can undergo a lot of stress even to the brink of depression. It is thus very important for individuals with arthritis to seek constant medical attention and care.

Current treatment can cure arthritis. Regrettably, there is no scientific evidence, treatments and medication given to patients will cure this particular illness. It can only slow and give relief to the patient by lessening pain. There are medications such as tylenol to lessen the pain but not to get rid of it totally. Health professionals, thanks to advancements in medical science, have found a way to slow down the progression.

Getting a joint replacement should be the last result. Needless to say, more people have found comfort in getting a joint replacement. It is disheartening though that this common misconception has led people to suffer arthritis for longer periods that the last straw of unbearable pain turn their heads around for another option.

Clearing the misconceptions on arthritis can assist you in further understanding the disease. Each case of arthritis experience is unique accompanied by variations in the intensity. Even diagnosis vary from one person to the other resulting to different treatments and medications. The important thing is health professionals are no longer unaware of the infinite possibilities that arthritis can do to the human body. In their search for thorough understanding, they are helping us to cope with the pain little by little. With the on going advances in technology, we can expect  in the future a notch higher progress in treating 100 types of arthritis.


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