Low Carb and Low Fat Diets

Low-fat and low-calorie weight loss diets basically starve the body, and fat and muscle end up being burned for fuel. You lose weight, but the loss of lean muscle tissue only serves to reduce your metabolic rate, thus slowing your efforts even more.

Your body will burn mostly fat and will preserve the lean muscle with a properly planned low carbohydrate program. If you exercise, you will add lean muscle while losing fat, which will increase your metabolic rate and increase the fat-burning effect.

Absence of cravings and hunger pangs. Until the excess carbohydrates are cleared from the system, there may be intense cravings. Once this is past the insulin and blood sugar leveling effects will serve to curb cravings.

Most low carbohydrate plans allow unlimited amounts of allowed foods, so you eat when you are hungry and as much as you need to ease your hunger.

This information presented here is very basic. It is best for you to arm yourself with as much information as possible by reading at least one of the excellent books on the subject.


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