Understanding Compulsive Gambling

gamblingA lot of people gamble in casinos and other such places because they are usually attracted to the possible odds of winning. The lure of easy cash can sometimes be too irresistible to avoid. For some people, gambling may just be some type of recreational activity to while away their time.

In this case, gambling may not be much of a problem. But there are other people who have looked at gambling as their way of life. Some even come to a point where they can no longer control their gambling ways. Addiction overwhelms them until it destroys their life and affects even the lives of their loved ones.

Compulsive gambling is a serious problem that may need to be recognized before it can be treated. But sad to say, most compulsive gamblers won’t admit that they have a problem. Denial can put a gambler on dangerous grounds. Compulsive gambling is usually not an illness nor is it a result of financial need.

Compulsive gambling can be more than just a need for money. It is a progressive condition that starts as anyone’s recreational activity. Once a person gets hooked, one of two things may happen. First, the person may become aware of getting more and more addicted to any form of gambling and may stop just before he becomes a full-fledged addict. Or second, he may give free rein to this new addiction because of the thrill and excitement that it gives and lets it control his life. It is very sad to say that most people tend to follow the way of the latter.

What makes gambling an easy addiction to get into is the lure of big money that it offers. There are many way that gambling can do this. Casinos provide experienced as well as greenhorn gamblers with an easy way to indulge on different big money bets. There’s the card table or the slot machines always ready to accommodate any visitor to try out his luck.

Not only that, some people can learn gambling in horse races as well as in other betting venues. And with the growing popularity of online betting, more and more people are given the chance to gamble with increased convenience. It won’t take long before one can get addicted to gambling until it becomes more than just pure recreation.

Studies have shown that addiction to gambling tend to increase with availability and accessibility. People who have low incomes or are unemployed are prone to the gambling addiction since the lure of winning big money tend to be greater. Thrill-seekers as well as people who act impulsively are also at greater risk of developing an addiction to gambling.

Starting to gamble at an early age can also be a factor. There are many people between the ages of 16 and 30 who started playing fruit and slot machines as well as betting on horses who have ended up as gambling addicts. Older women tend to veer towards gambling with scratch cards and bingo as well as the popular slot machines.

Gambling addiction is something that can happen to anybody. Some people become fascinated with gambling from the time that they are first exposed to it. For others, getting hooked on gambling can be more gradual, especially when they first taste a big win. And still for other people, stress or problems may suddenly trigger a period of compulsive gambling. Compulsive gambling is a problem that may need to be treated early on or, even better, avoided before it forms into an uncontrollable habit.


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