What is Chinese Medicine?

acupunctureOriental medicine has become a popular alternative to some of the traditional western medical practices. It covers a broad range of disciplines that include Chinese, Japanese, Korean and East Indian medical practices.

Oriental medicine has its own share of critics, maybe because of its spiritual aspect in healing the body instead of following a purely scientific method. But nonetheless, there are people who believe that the practice of oriental medicine is not purely based on unfounded beliefs.

Oriental medicine is a product of many centuries of tradition and observations and not merely of superstitions. In the case of Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese medical practitioners before the 19th century often relied on observation, trial and error, which incorporated certain mystical concepts in their practice of medicine.

Along the way these Chinese medical practitioners were able to formulate medical theories as well as methods that they found to be successful in treating certain ailments. This goes to show that the effectively of Oriental medicine as treatment can be based on certain ancient observations done and perfected through time.

Such observations may have been made way earlier than the discoveries that may have helped to scientifically explain them. Spiritual beliefs prevailing at the time of such observations may have aimed to explain why a certain treatment was effective, hence giving an air of mysticism to Oriental medicine.

Oriental medicine may be considered as the oldest of health care methods existing today. Some practices may have stood the test of time and have proven themselves to be effective in treating certain chronic ailments. The scope of Oriental medicine includes acupuncture, ancient herbal treatments, Oriental massage, dietary therapy and exercise.

Acupuncture is probably one of the most popular of Oriental medicine practices in the West. It is an ancient Chinese method of treatment making use of needles inserted at certain vital points on the body to restore health and well-being. Acupuncture has been particularly well-known in relieving pain without the use of drugs. Although there are other methods from other countries like Japan and Korea that are similar to Acupuncture, the Chinese version is considered as the accepted method in the West.

Herbal medicine also covers a large part of Oriental medicine in its aim to treat certain ailments. Thousands of years of herbal knowledge has given Chinese medicine one of its most veritable treasures in its herbal medicines. Several ancient herbal concoctions have been known to be very effective in trying to treat a number of ailments that includes fever, stomach aches, nausea, fatigue and many more.

Ancient massage and exercise techniques are also included in the practice of Oriental medicine. Shiatsu massage, Reflexology and Accupressure are examples of massage techniques that are included in the scope of Oriental medicine. Tai Chi is a method of martial arts that has also been widely known as a form of exercise therapy to promote relaxation and total well-being through a number of slow motion exercise routines.


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