Types of Addiction

The fast pace of our society leaves more people on the fringes looking for an answer to what we are doing here and why. People seek this in various ways, but sometimes when they cannot find an answer they would be thrown into addiction. There are the usually degrading drug addiction, but there are more addictions today’s people battle with.


It would seem as a relatively trivial addiction, but the caffeine in coffee is a stimulant. What makes it worse is that many people consume vast quantities of coffee daily and we usually overlook its harmful side effects. People addicted to caffeine may experience fits of agitation and depression, severe trembling, insomnia, loss of color in the skin and a haggard appearance. They may also suffer loss of appetite, throbbing heart, and symptoms of gastric inflammation.

However, to cure these symptoms, people tend to turn to coffee. The recommended daily dose of caffeine is around 250 mg, which roughly equals two to three cups of instant coffee, or four to eight cups of tea, or about 20 cans of Coca-cola or one to two cups of brewed coffee.


Tobacco has been proven as the most popular yet most problematic drug. It is widely known that smoking increases your risk of heart disease, cancer, and should be avoided during pregnancy. Main components of tobacco are: nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar, all of which are harmful to your body.

Among the immediate effects with smoking include increased heart rate, constriction of blood vessels, and a decrease of oxygen in the bloodstream.


The technological advances in the 20th century is so fast, some consider it as equalling all the advances made in all of the previous centuries put together. Of all these inventions that have created a great impact in our daily lives is the computer. Although it reduces all of our working weeks and gives us more time for leisure and being with friends and family, no one really imagined that the computer could become an addiction.

Children tend to neglect their homework in favor of the computer, or your spouse would lock themselves up in a room with their PC either gambling or viewing pornography, or even you spend so much time in the computer that you forget how time passes by. In addition, addiction to computers also bring negative health effects like migraine, eye problems, as well as insomnia.

Eating disorder

Everybody eat, and they all eat differently. However, when some people marvel at how some people would be so thin and admiring how beautiful they are, they tend to emulate them but in a drastic manner. That is, by intervening their normal eating habits. Anorexics eat as little as possible, sometimes only water.

Bulimics vomit the food that they have just ate. Some extreme eater resorted to eating paper, or binging on food to relieve depression until their tummies become numb. Although they may achieve the body that they want, some physical tell-tale signs make it seem that they put themselves in grave danger.


Some people believe in luck and games of chance, but gamblers tend to desire for more money. Sometimes, it is the poorest people who tend to spend most in gambling in relation to their income.

Gambling habits vary from lotteries, casinos, bingo, horse racing, among others. It can be addictive to the point that you offer more than what you have and could sometimes result to changes in behavior.


Addiction to sex does not only involve men, but also women, and across all age groups. Aside from casual sex, some may be involved in alternative sexual activities like domination or public sex. It may also involve gratification through voyeurism, fantasy play, pornography, and even exhibitionism.

Although sex is a normal aspect in an intimate relationship, sex addicts cannot go without it and spend much of their waking lives thinking about it or activities surrounding it.


“Oniomania,” or compulsive shopping and spending, is becoming a common practice among Westerners when it comes to relieving their depression. Women are the usual shopaholics.

It provides an activity acceptable to society to change our mood, and with all the advertisements surrounding our daily lives—all providing comfort (from making your face younger to making your dinner better-tasting)—it’s no surprise why there are people who spend extravagantly.

Compulsive shoppers tend to have several credit cards, and most of the time they max it out and spend some more.


Our world today get faster, more advanced, and more chaotic. It leaves many people on the edge looking for a release, and they find the answer on drugs and substances like alcohol. Substance abuse affect all sectors of society, as well as different age groups.

Whether it is illegal drugs, alcohol, and even prescribed drugs (if taken in more dosages than recommended), have dreadful effects on your mind and body.


Addiction to work may not be considered addictive for some people, as they find it rewarding financial-wise. But if you look in issues concerning your family ties, your lack of sleep, and your behavioral changes, then you may see the problem.

Like eating disorders, some people resort to workaholism because they want to be what society dictates as better. Some companies may view that working longer hours is a sign of efficiency.

Some people may see those who work with multiple jobs as someone who is dedicated to his or her family. But like in anything, our bodies have a limit. Once we exceed that limit, it might be too late to save yourself.


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