Healthy Eating Habits for Children

The dietary needs of a child or a teenager is quite different from adults. They do follow the same basic principles of healthy eating but they are, in a way, different when it comes to serving size and basic nutritional needs.

The food pyramid is there to guide the parent when it comes to giving advice to the parents on what to feed their teenagers and children. However, here are some important reminders on how to ensure that your child or teenager is getting the right nutrition from the food that he eats.

Eat 3 meals a day

This is very important, especially with regard to breakfast, because the start of the day is very important to the child or the teenager. If they skip breakfast, they will end up compromising their performance in school either in physical or academic education. If you were to relate it to a marathon, this is the time when the pistol is fired and everybody starts running the race.

If the child is not properly given their nutritional needs, it will be as if they started half-asleep. It should be remembered that all meals should include contain fruits or vegetables as well as grains. Meat or milk should also be added to two of the the three meals.

Lessen the amount of fat in the diet

It is important to decrease the amount of fat that a child or a teenager consumes in his or her diet. Practical ways to do this is to trim off the fat in poultry products such as chicken. Another practical suggestion is to limit the number of eggs that one consumes to a maximum of 4 per week. This is because of the high cholesterol content that is found in eggs.

One should remember that eggs have the highest cholesterol count amongst the commonly eaten foods in the Food Guide Pyramid. Limiting one’s intake of eggs per week should be able to drastically alter the fat intake of a person. Another thing that can be done is instead of normal butter, it would be better if you switched to a vegetable oil spread that has 0% trans fat. This is a good alternative since the fat that is found in butter is quite high.

These are just a couple of suggestions that will help parents keeping in check the diet of their children and teenagers. There are the most commonly heard advices such as “Eat your fruits and vegetables.” and “Don’t eat too much sweets.” It is very important for parents and teenagers and children to have an understanding of the proper diet and what it should comprise of.

It will lead to a better lifestyle and a disease-free future for the children if they continue eating healthy foods up until adulthood. It may seem that eating fruits and vegetables instead of sweets is undesirable for children today. But the payoff is a healthy and sound body that is ready to take on the world.





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