Methods for Depression Treatment

What people with depression mostly don’t know is that there is a cure for it. There are treatments that these people can undergo in order to alleviate the pain and the emotional disturbance that is accompanying the disorder. For other people who are able to detect depression in its early stages, the disorder may be treated accordingly.

Methods for depression treatment

One of the most common treatments of depression are antidepressant medicines, talk therapy or a combination of the two. The patient’s doctor will be able to come up with a right depression treatment when proper consultation is performed.

Different studies have showed that patients who have depression respond very well to antidepressants. This is one of the effective ways to primarily handle the depressed patient. A particular medicine by the name of serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) is the most common medicine that is prescribed by doctors.

During "talk therapy", the patient and the therapist then talk about the patient’s experiences, the patient’s past life and present standing as well his relationships and the different events that have led him to this stage in his life. The emotions and the feelings of the person is also discussed in these types of therapy sessions. There are approaches which have become very effective in treating depression. These are interpersonal therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT for short.

In the interpersonal therapy approach, the doctor who looks at the patients’ various personal relationships which both cause depression to the patient. The different factors that aggravate this are also taken into account when digging for clues. The cognitive-behavioral therapy approach (CBT) assists people in learning how to be able to obtain more fulfillment through their own actions.

The depressed patient is taught how to unlearn the different patterns in his or her behavior that contribute to his depression. Being able to talk about the different areas of one’s life with the intent to work everything out is very valuable in this type of talk therapy. It is used to bring out the different reasons for the depression that is happening in the person’s life.

The first phase of the treatment is during the acute phase where the person starts taking medication for his depression. The symptoms start to mellow down and they become less severe which makes the person feel much better. The second phase of the treatment, which is around 16 to 20 weeks, happens when the person continues to take medication with the goal of not having the symptoms come back.

The person should try to keep taking antidepressants in order to fully take advantage of the good start that he has begun in the program. Then the maintenance or the third phase is introduced where the person only continues the medication with the intent of preventing a relapse.

Generally, there is hope for those people who desire to be cured of depression. The only thing that needs to be done is to admit that one has to do something about the disorder and to finally start doing something about it.


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