Diabetes and Weight Loss

Weight loss happens when a person is in a state of negative energy balance. This means that the body is losing more chemical energy during work than it is gaining from food or other nutritional supplements. This means that it will essentially use up the reserves of fat that are stored inside the body to fuel the processes that it needs to fulfill the everyday operations that it needs.

For people who are already at a healthy and medically acceptable weight, they might want to lose weight for the purposes of improving athletic performance or simply to meet weight classes in a particular sport. Boxing and wrestling are just a couple of examples. For other people, they might want to lose weight in order to shape their body into a more attractive physique.

For some people, the term weight loss has been associated with mental conditions such as bulimia or anorexia. For the medical community, unintentional weight loss is not healthy and may certainly be a precursor to a more significant condition such as a poorly maintained case of diabetes mellitus. But in general, losing weight is a good thing especially if you are planning to do it to increase your fitness level. This type of weight loss is a good thing because it will generally improve one’s fitness, health as well as appearance.

For individuals who are on the heavy side or obese, therapeutic weight loss will certainly decrease the chances of that individual from developing the dreaded disease of diabetes. Those people who are overweight and obese also run the risk of developing other health conditions such as high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and coronary heart disease. The list will go on and on and the detrimental conditions that one can develop over time is simply too staggering to fully weigh.

If one would want to undergo an effective and health weight loss program, it should be noted that a physicians should be asked first. This is because a physician will be able to accomplish a specific weight loss plan that will be custom-made for the person. This is important because the weight loss methods or program that a morbidly obese person might not work on you since you might probably be eating the same amount of calories that you are consuming as of the moment. If you try adapting a weight loss program that is geared for someone else, you run the risk of following the wrong method.

For those people who are already afflicted of the disease of diabetes, it would be very ideal to consult with a specialized physician who can offer specific advice in order to trim down your weight to an ideal level. The American Diabetes Association has actually studies proving that through a combination of a strict diet and exercise program, the ADA has found, a 5-10% loss of body weight will produce a 58% reduction in diabetes. This is an excellent fact that may spur any diabetes patient to lose the necessary number of pounds that may affect them.




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