Excessive Ingestion of Diuretics

Excessive ingestion of diuretics is a form of drug which drastically increases the volume of urine produced which means that this will give the person the "illusion" of weight loss since the water lost can be quite significant. However the important thing to consider is that there is no fat loss in this particular drug because it will only target the urine production instead of the fat deposits that are in the body.

Most of eating disorder patients are familiar with this specific weight loss plan since it is a quick fix to their problems. These types of people rely on a technique that is called elimination behavior which heavily relies on laxatives as well as diuretics.

Taking diuretics as a means of weight loss is not recommended simply because the weight loss is unnatural and if the person continues along this course of action, the consequences will be disastrous and will not be positive in the long run. Diuretics stimulate renal activities as well as increase urine excretion. The use of these drugs at first will elicit a reaction from the body that will effectively drain it of water.

Water retention is the primary reason why people are using diuretics but if this particular action is done over and over again, the long-term effect of taking diuretics is renal damage as well as a significant alteration in the balance of fluids and salt balance that regulate water retention. Therefore, given this knowledge, the continued use of diuretics as a means of monitoring one’s diet is quite hazardous and counterproductive to an extent.

The important thing that one should do is to eat properly and to exercise in order to maintain the right amount of weight. The illusion that diuretics give is simply that, an illusion. It will only trick one into thinking that he or she is getting thinner because of the considerable weight loss that is happening but if the person uses these, even herbal diuretics, that person risks losing too much water which will eventually strip the body of potassium as well as sodium.

An excellent alternative to taking lots and lots of diuretics is by drinking a lot of purified water. This will inform the body that it does not need to hold on to the extra water that it is retaining and it will be excreting more and more water from the body in time.

Instead of whipping the body into submission through diuretics, it would be a better idea if people would just consider exercising more and more as well as hydrating themselves by drinking more and more water instead of colas, sodas and other beverages that are considered to be junk food.

So instead of eliminating more water than what your body normally requires, why don’t you take in more of the stuff you’re actually eliminating? The effects of diuretics will only take you so far. This is only a short-term fix and should not be used as a diet-management drug ever.


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