Boosting Your Metabolism

straberriesMetabolism is a word that has been tossed around by health aficionados. People know that if you are able to get a grasp on your metabolism, you’ll always be able to maintain your weight as well as lose a few pounds every now and then.

A person’s metabolism is sort of the engine that drives each and every cell in the human body. It is the one thing that enables you to walk, talk, fight off illness. The fuel for it is calories and if you had enough understanding to it, you would be good to go, fit as a fiddle. However, mastering one’s metabolism is not as easy as it sounds.

How the metabolism work?

As people age, the body becomes less and less effective at burning calories. It is during this important time of one’s life that activity decreases and there is a resulting loss of muscle. One’s metabolism is said to probably decrease at about 25 to 30 percent over one’s adult life. That’s a big dip concerning that it is metabolism that allows you to efficiently burn calories.

As a tendency, the body stores up excess calories in the form of annoying body fat. This body fat only slows you down more and the more that you have it, the slower your metabolism will be.

However, not all is lost. Metabolism has been shown to go up to as much as ten percent within twelve weeks just by slowing rebuilding muscle. It is important that you are able to incorporate an effective strength-training exercise regimen in your daily life. .

You may also boost it by getting a good night’s sleep, fresh air, sunlight, eating right and daily exercise. These things help drive metabolism. Try some of the suggestions here and watch it skyrocket.

With that in mind, here are some tips that you can follow in order to boost your metabolism. You’re bound to escalate your body’s metabolism if you’ll be able to follow these tips.

Eat a 300 to 400 calorie breakfast

At night your metabolism goes into starvation mode because you don’t eat anything and so your energy is at a low level. Eating breakfast will keep you energized and will enable you to do more and move more, essentially getting you more activity in your daily schedule.

Eat some strawberries

Research has discovered that if one gets enough vitamin C each day (75mg at least), it will lead to optimal fat burning. Strawberries get you 90 mg which helps you a lot.

Walk in the light

Exposure to bright light essentially decreases melatonin and ups your serotonin levels, thereby allowing your body to shift from sleep mode to "Let’s-face-the-day!" mode.  This, in turn, fuels your metabolic engine.  

Drink your multivitamins

Antioxidants are important for one’s metabolism. These nutrients are available to you so that you’ll be able to help your mitochondria burn more fat and convert them into fuel.

That’s that. Try out those suggestions and then you’ll experience the difference that it makes in your metabolism.


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