Bicycle Safety

Biking is one of the many things that you can do for exercise. It allows you to put in much-needed cardiovascular exercise in your daily routine, it keeps your legs strong and your heart pumping and it also allows you to look at the different sceneries in your very own neighborhood. You might be surprised to what biking may be able to do for you in the long haul. We encourage you to try on this new hobby and see yourself to a fit body by pedaling instead of running.

But before you hop onto that bike you’ve never ridden in months, be sure that you’re well aware of what you’re supposed to do when you’re on the road.

Road rules

Always obey traffic rules. You can’t bike while you’re at the hospital tending to an injury, after all. Stop for stop signs and lights and be sure that you’re well aware of your surroundings at all times.

No quick movements. This is to ensure that the ones driving behind you or the ones who are beside you will not behave in a way that would endanger another driver on the road. Remember that you’re in a public place (the road) and because of that, you should avoid swerving. Also suddenly turning to another lane is a very bad thing to do which could surprise and potentially endanger drivers behind you.

Use proper hand signals. Since there are no blinking lights behind bicycles to signal if they are turning the corner, it should be remembered that you should use hand gestures and signals when you plan to do so. An example would be something like extending your left hand in order to make a left turn.

If you want to stop and you want to show the cars or drivers behind you that you plan to stop, you can hold out your left arm out beside you and bend it at a right angle at the elbow with your hand elevated at about the hip level.

Whenever you change lanes, be sure that there’s no other cars or vehicles behind you. Then you can change lanes.

Always remember to ride at the right side of the road because the left side is the one used by drivers to overtake other drivers.

If you happen to come by a driveway, you should stop because a car could be pulling in from the street or maybe backing out from the driveway.

Be on the lookout when passing along parked cars. The drivers of the car might just suddenly open the door in front of your path. Allow at least three feet between you and the side of the parked car so when that happens, you don’t hit it.

When you ride you must have at least a white front light and a red rear reflector for those cars coming to meet you and the ones who are behind you.

Just remember these things and enjoy the scenery. Be careful and bike safely!


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