Healthy Meals Ideas for Kids

Parents want their kids to eat healthy food but have absolutely no idea how to start it off. Here, we put in some healthy suggestions for you to be able to come up with great-tasting foods for your kids. So sit back and take down some notes. We’re here to ensure that you have some great-tasting sandwiches for your children by the time you’re finish reading through this article.

Try to use low-fat or fat-free lunch meats in your sandwiches. You may want to put those types of meat inside sandwiches or if you’d like to mix it up a bit, you could try them on top of a salad.

Use your leftover chicken or turkey strips in tortillas to make a cold fajita for your kids. You can also add some strips of raw red and green peppers as well as onions for them so they can have some helpings of vegetables on the side. Remember to use fat-free sour cream dressing when you serve them.

Try to cut up several combinations of vegetables such as onion, green peppers, celery and carrots to mix them up with your tuna salad. You can combine different vegetables with water-packed tuna and then throw in your favorite fat-free mayonnaise or fat-free salad dressing.

Experiment with some sauces in your sandwiches. Try mixing cranberry sauce and fat-free mayonnaise in your turkey sandwiches.

Want to go back to a classic? Try natural peanut butter with an all-fruit jelly spread. Kids will always go back to that.

Fill some pita-bread "pockets" with vegetables, fat-free cheese as well as some leftover grilled chicken.

Get some sliced ham and low-fat cheese along with some honey mustard and rye bread and you’ve got a great sandwich ready to go.

Some leftover sliced pork tenderloin and barbecue sauce can be a great alternative for a sandwich.

The classic grilled cheese sandwiches combined with some raw carrot or celery sticks can be a really healthy treat for your kids.

So there you have it, some great ideas for your kids’ sandwiches. Ensure that they have a lot of vegetables in their healthy sandwiches. Also, it would be a good idea to stock up on fat-free dressings or mayonnaise so that you won’t have to feel guilty about serving your children loads of fat in the sandwich dressings.

For the other food groups such as fruits and vegetables, encourage your children to eat bite-sized pieces of fruits. You can probably cut up some pieces of fruit and serve them along with nonfat yogurt or maybe pack some halved strawberries along with their lunchboxes. Grapes will be perfect and maybe apple slices with some natural peanut butter on the side. For those bigger sized fruits, you might want to try grapefruit sections. Bananas cooked lightly in apple juice also make a nice treat for kids. What a parent needs to know is to diversify. Combine, mix and serve. That’s how to get to have your kids eat healthy.


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