Food to Avoid for Better Health

Even the most health conscious people make mistakes when it comes to choosing the food they eat, thinking that they make the better, healthier choices.  However, that is not the case as some foods we think are nutritious and healthy can actually cause negative effects in our body.  What are these foods that we should think twice when eating?  The answers may shock you.


It is true that fish is low in fat and high in protein, however some types of fish also contain mercury and other toxic materials like pesticides.  These contaminants negatively affects the brain and nervous system.  It is more harmful for fetuses and young children because their brains are still developing and absorbing nutrients rapidly.  Meanwhile, mercury poisoning can affect our vision, kidney function, fertility, and blood pressure regulation in people of all ages.  It is also thought as a risk factor for heart disease. 

The types of fish to avoid, or at the very least taken in moderation, include swordfish, tilefish, and king mackerel for its high mercury content.  Other fish that have high amounts of pesticides and other contaminants include bluefish, wild striped bass, Atlantic Salmon, and American eel.  Tuna is not that great either, and it would be better when buying canned tuna is to choose the chunk light variety compared instead of albacore of white.

However, some of the best and safest fish to consume include anchovies, herring, Atlantic mackerel, wild salmon, and sardines.  These contain omega-3 fats and are not prone to over-fishing.  Other good choices are crab, halibut, scallops, shrimp, and tilapia.

Saturated fat

We’ve already known about the health risks of saturated fats such as increasing bad cholesterol levels, but it seem to have gotten blurry as of late as people shifted to hydrogenated fats.  However, when recent studies show that hydrogenated fats-or trans fats-are even worse for our health, people become so worried about trans fat that they suddenly give saturated fats a pass. 

Even if saturated fats are less damaging to our health compared to trans fats, its still not a good type of fat to consume.  To avoid sat fats use olive oil instead of butter, and substitute low-fat or non-fat animal products for their counterparts that are high in fat. 

For example, use skim milk instead of full cream milk, as well as choosing leaner cuts of meat, skinless chicken and turkey breast.  Also, make sure to read product labels and limit your intake of processed foods with more than two grams of saturated fat per serving.  Don’t forget to avoid trans fat altogether.

Unfiltered coffee

Not using coffee filters when brewing your coffee would get you drinking a cup of coffee with huge amounts of cafestol, a natural chemical that can increase your bad cholesterol levels.  Make use to drink filtered coffee.  At the same time, avoid excessive amounts of espressor, or drinks made from espresso such as cappuccino.  You should also avoid Turkish coffee and French coffee press.


Although there are certain types of chocolate that are good for the heart and blood vessels, there are some chocolate that are not.  Remember to choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate.  The darker the chocolate, the richer its flavonoid content.  Meanwhile, milk inhibits the absorption of flavonoids in our body, hence laying off milk chocolate. 

Remember that dark chocolate should have 70 percent cocoa content, although its taste can get a little used to.  Also, avoid chocolate products that contain palm oil or coconut oil, and instead opting those made from cocoa butter.  Don’t forget to eat chocolate in moderation because of its high calorie content.


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