The Benefits of Drinking Herbal Tea

Green teaIt is generally safe to drink herbal teas, especially that most of which have medicinal effects that are helpful to your body. However, keep in mind that some of these benefits are anecdotal in nature, meaning that these are claims by those who have drank the herbal teas and extensive scientific study is yet to be conducted.

Be also warned labels of commercially-made herbal teas may not indicate what other additives the teas have such as senna or ephedra (not to mention that the plants used may be old).

There are also some herbal teas that should not be consumed regularly as it may have allergenic or toxic effects on your body. For instance, chronic use of Comfrey and Chaparral teas may damage the liver; Lobelia contains toxins that are similar to nicotine and causes breathing problems; Licorice can boost blood pressure; Foxglove and Lily of the Valley can affect heart function; while Chamomile may cause allergic reactions to people suffering from hay fever.

Several enthusiasts of ginseng tea claim that its side effects include increase in blood pressure, excitability, lack of concentration, and even lower-than-normal blood sugar. Kava drinkers tend to have slight numbing of the tongue and lips after drinking its tea.

Other teas to avoid include Sassafras, Hydrangea, Black Cherry, Blue Cohosh, Elderberry, Periwinkle, and Nutmeg.

The bottom line: Drink herbal teas only out of necessity, rather than as a hobby.


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