The Practice of Acupuncture

acupunctureWhat is acupuncture?

The ancient treatment of acupuncture is a method of healing and treatment that is based on a system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the center of this system of medicine is the idea that a type of life force or energy which is known as the "qi" (pronounced as "chee") runs through different energy pathways in the body which are called "meridians".

Every type of meridian is able to connect to a specific organ, or group of organ and these "meridians" are the ones that preside over the different bodily functions. The qi is the energy responsible for balancing the "yin" and the "yang" of a person which are the complementary opposites that are reflected in all beings. Acupuncture balances the qi that flows in the body.

If a meridian is blocked, then the qi is freed up by applying needles to specific points in the body for the sole purpose of correcting the flow of qi.

Methods of acupuncture:

There are various ways by which acupuncture is practiced. Here are a few examples:

Korean hand –  Advocates that the hands and feet are areas of concentrated regions in the body. Applying needles on these areas is good for the entire body.

Auricular acupuncture – Based on the ear where it is believed to be a microcosm of the body. By applying acupuncture needles on it, the ear affects the other organs that he or she is related to. It is most often used to treat people with an addiction.

French energetic – Method used mainly by medical doctor acupuncturists. This type emphasizes the method that is used primarily by the medical doctor acupuncturists. They emphasize meridians in this type of acupuncture and regard the method as a way to treat the extraordinary vessels.

Myofascially-based – It is practiced by physical therapists and it concerns the palpitation of the meridian lines which are looking for tender points. These types of points signal that they have an abnormal energy flow which is where the needles need to be.

Japanese style – Also known as the "meridian therapy". It actually focuses more on the needling technique which is characterized more by very subtle needle stimulation and a more thorough usage of palpitation during the diagnosis.

These are the different types of acupuncture-each dealing with its own type of specialty. You might want to schedule a visit first with your physical therapist for you to get the green light on what type of acupuncture would be best for you. After that, it’s pins and needles!