How Homeopathic Remedies Work

homeopathyWhat is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a combination of two Greek words: "hómoios" which means "similar" and páthos, which is the Greek word for "suffering" or "disease". This is an alternative as well as hotly debated form of medicine which intends to treat "like with like".

How homeopathy work?

The way that homeopathy works is that certain substances which essentially cause similar symptoms of the disease are diluted. These types of substances are mixed and diluted heavily in very large quantities while shaking. Each stage of the dilution, the substances are shaken. The shaking is done with every time the substances are diluted are said to be done for the diluted substance to form an "imprint" or some sort of memory  even though after shaking, no molecules of the original substance will ever likely remain.

This type of alternative medicine is founded on the a particular vitalist world view. Those who believe in homeopathy believe that homeopathic treatment is able to bring balance and harmonize the very vital forces that are said to be found in the body. This eventually restores health. However, this type of treatment along with its claims, are completely not supported by modern biology or medicine.

The holistic principle

The gist of the ideology of homeopathy believes that the different vital force is able to respond and adapt to the different internal and external causes. This is what homeopaths refer to the "Law of Susceptibility" which states that a pessimistic state of mind will eventually draw hypothetical disease entities which are called "miasms" to invade the body as well produce indications of diseases. This type of alternative medicine has been said to be controversial simply because there have been a lot of people who have been advocates of it despite the lack of scientific evidence to back it up.

In the United States, homeopathy was first introduced by Dr. Hans Burch Gram way back in the year 1825 and it rapidly gained recognition simply because of the fact that the traditional medicine at that time was innately dangerous as well as risky. The use of homeopathy in the United States is about 0.3% for adults. In one particular study, about 0.7% of individuals used homeopathy in the past year of being questioned.

Using homeopathy

Out of all of the alternative medicine processes, this is one of the most controversial of forms simply because it is a well-followed form of alternative medicine yet it is also not backed up by scientific claims so it makes it potentially dangerous. If you ever are going to be involved in this, be sure you have researched enough to know the pros and cons otherwise, you might be biting off more than you could chew.


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