Prostate Cancer Linked to Promiscuity

Sexually active men have prostate cancer risk

The idea of men having more than one sexual partner might be seen as macho and very modern but no matter how much of a conqueror that type of man may seem to others, the fact remains that sexually active men with more than one sexual partner are more prone to prostate cancer later in life.

A link has been established between promiscuity and cancer. Several studies have been able to uncover that sexual promiscuity has become a leading factor in contracting human papilloma virus or HPV. The link to cervical cancer in women has already been established and now it seems that the men are in for the count.

Research findings

There has been a recent spike in the statistics where prostate cancer in men have been found to be much more likely when they have HPV. If this is indeed proven to be correct, the theory seeks to prove that once men are exposed to human papilloma virus, that virus begins a series of genetic mutations that will eventually lead to prostrate cancer decades later. Whatever you do, you literally are at the mercy of HPV.

The research was composed of around 500 men who showed the earliest signs of the disease. They gathered the young men and took blood samples from these men and when they analyzed it, they were able to find that there has been a proportional increase in the levels of antibodies to HPV with the number of sexual partners that these men have had.

Around 40 percent of 40-year-old men show that they have the early signs of prostate cancer. There are instances that this very small aberration in the genetic mutations move forward so slowly that they die of other diseases but it has been observed by the medical researchers that the disease pushes forward with every year.

Tests which are designed to diagnose the cancer in the patient are proven to provide a more accurate diagnosis, especially with the more improved PCA3. This kind of test is able to measure different antigens that are located in the blood stream which can be released by conditions aside from cancer.

Knowing this, it would be then better for men, both young and old, to refrain from having more than one sexual partner. It is to be understood that there are consequences if you happen to be involved with more than one. Sadly, you share the sentiments with the virus.