Abstinence Education Programs in Reducing Sexual Activity

With the various programs for sex education, one rarely hears a call to abstinence nowadays. It is assumed that since about 90% of Americans already have sex, it is understood that abstinence is a thing of the past. However, there are a few people who disagree with the status quo. Some are pushing for abstinence of teenagers as a prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and for them to be able to understand sex as a  very sensitive topic and one wherein much prudence is required.

This type of sex education is grounded in the fact which emphasizes abstinence from sex. It also emphasizes the exclusion of all other types of sexual as well as reproductive health topics. This also encompasses topics such as birth control as well as safe sex. This type of sex education promotes sexual abstinence until marriage. This essentially makes the use of any type of contraception null and void and if they do discuss the topic, they only talk about the failure rates that are associated with such use.

Those proponents of this type of sex education say that this approach is even much more superior to those of traditional comprehensive sex education for various reasons. These people who admonish sex education teach that a morality that limits sex to the bounds of marriage and having sex outside marriage especially for those who are very young will have to shoulder emotionally and physically burdensome costs.

Those who are for abstinence sex education have claimed that comprehensive sex education only encourages teen premarital sexual activity which should be shunned in an era where various types of sexually-related diseases such as HIV and other incurable variants are practically widespread. Add to that the ongoing teen pregnancy issue and there is a definite cause for concern in the teenage world.

This is, by far, the most controversial yet most effective measure by which both teen pregnancy and sexually-related diseases are prevented. It is effectively hitting two birds with one stone. It is important that teenagers today consider the benefits of not having sex until marriage.

If they do engage in this particular type of sex education and take a vow of abstinence, they will definitely reap the rewards of being pure both in mind as well as in their body. It is important to be able to consider abstinence because the alternative comes in the form of early death and traumatized minds. Apart from the Christian view, the alternative, frankly, is hell on earth.


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