How to Use Condoms Correctly

A condom is one of the safest ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancy or sexually-transmitted infections during sex. Condoms cover the penis during sexual activity, although female condoms are also available. They are most frequently made of latex, but can also be made out of polyurethane.

In a study, a year of perfect condom usage would only yield 3 pregnancies out of 100 women. As such is it crucial to understand how to use a condom consistently and correctly if this method of safe sex is chosen. Here are directions of using a male condom:

Use a new condom every time you have sex – Never reuse a condom. Make sure you (or your male partner) have an ample number of condoms, between 3 to 5, just in case of multiple penetrations, ejaculations, and replacement for a torn condom.

Store condoms in a cool, dry place – Keep condoms out of direct sunlight or in places where it is subject to pressure, like your wallet.

Check condom before using – Do not use a condom if it is damaged, discolored, deflated, brittle, or sticky from lubricant. This would not only affect the condom’s efficiency, using a damaged condom may also cause allergies. Check also the expiration date before opening the package.

Open the package carefully – Make sure you are not tearing the condom as you open its package. It is best to use condoms that have easy-to-open packaging rather than having it opened with the use of scissors.

Put condom on erect penis – A condom is best fitted on an erect penis. Place the condom, tip side up, on the penis head. Then, pinch the tip as you slowly roll the condom out along the penis shaft. Do not worry if you find the condom too short or too long (in this case you have to pinch the tip a little further).

Leave a space to ejaculate – Putting on a condom correctly would not result as a penis looking like a sausage. Make sure that you leave a "breathing space" at the tip of your penis by pinching an inch.

Use water-based lubricants – Apply water-based lubricants like KY Jelly on the penis (as well as in the vagina or anus) once the condom is on. This would ensure less friction from the condom’s rubbery surface. Applying oil-based lubricants such as baby oil and petroleum jelly would damage the latex.

Replace damaged condoms immediately – If the condom breaks during sexual intercourse, withdraw the penis immediately and put on a new condom before resuming intercourse.

Dispose condom after ejaculation – Once the penis is ejaculated, withdraw it immediately while it is still erect. Grasp the rim of the condom between the fingers and slowly pull the penis out-with the condom still on-making sure that no semen is spilled. Remove the condom from the penis by pinching the "breathing space", separating the penis from the semen, then slowly pull it out as the penis begins to lose its erection. Tie the end of the condom then dispose it.


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