Diabetes and Heart Disease

What does diabetes have to do with heart disease?

Special attention has been given to women’s health because of the biological and social differences that exists between women and men. These differences have varied effects on women’s health and addressing them directly, studying the disease that affect women carefully, finding cure, treatments, and solutions are ways of ensuring that women receive proper and equal health care. 

Diabetes in women is one of the primary concerns of health care providers. The reason lies in the fact that the disease can manifest differently in women, presenting special concerns and challenges that they need to overcome. For example, diabetic women needs to be careful when getting pregnant for conditions like yeast infections, high blood pressure, swelling, and the appearance of lumps in the breasts are more likely to occur just because they have diabetes.

According to recent studies, women who are diabetic are more likely, three times more likely in fact, to get heart diseases than those who do not have diabetes. More specifically, its Type 2 diabetes that’s a major risk for women.

Because of diabetes, the women’s bodies changes and these changes are the reasons why they become more at risk to heart diseases. High blood pressure, drop of HDL or good cholesterol levels, and becoming more overweight are common in diabetic women. And when you observe these changes closely, you’ll see that these contributes to the development of heart diseases.

But this is not the only problem. Heart disease is the number one killer of women. Statistically and medically speaking, women has less chances of surviving heart attacks than men. Nobody has come up with a conclusive study why this is so, but that’s the hard facts. Diabetic women are two to four times at risk of dying of a heart disease than other women. They are also at a higher risk of having a stroke than women without diabetes.

Keep your blood sugar level under control

Medical experts recommend that diabetic women should carefully monitor and control their blood glucose levels to reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases. Intervention is the key. If they found out their blood glucose levels are going up, then they should strive to reduce them as soon as possible.

Lose weight–and increase your physical activity.

Moreover, diabetic women should always maintain a healthy lifestyle. By eating the right foods and getting regular exercise they can keep their weight at the right levels decreasing the chance for heart attacks and other heart related ailments to develop. Always have a regular check-up schedule so you can have an idea on your current healthy level.

Stop smoking.

Smoking is bad for everyone but it’s even worse for people with diabetes because it damages the blood vessels. If you have diabetes and you also smoke, you double your risk of getting heart disease.


Diabetes and heart disease are related. Diabetes, being overweight and having high blood pressure are related. Diet and exercise are good ways to control your blood sugar level, lower your blood pressure and cut your risk of getting heart disease. Aside from heart diseases, diabetes can also lead to blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage and you could even end up having a foot or leg amputated if you’re not that careful.


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