Reducing the Risk of West Nile Virus

Preventing the spread of the West Nile virus includes being aware of the facts about the said virus.

There are certain myths out there that people may believe to be true but are in fact false. This might lead them to take those myths to heart which may be detrimental to the prevention of the disease.

The threat of the West Nile virus is unavoidable.

This is not true. This myth may have been borne out of the unavailability of an effective vaccine for the said disease.

Currently, there is no vaccine yet developed that will help in eradicating the spread of the infection in humans. But this does not mean that people cannot help themselves from being infected in the first place.

There is a weapon against mosquitoes.

Since the transmitting hosts of the virus are the mosquitoes, people may be able to help avoid being infected by protecting themselves from mosquito bites. A mosquito repellent with DEET can effectively help protect one from mosquito bites.

Try to spray the repellent on exposed skin as well as clothing. Pay special attention to using repellents some time between duck to dawn. It is usually during these hours that mosquitoes are out and about.

Don’t make your home a mosquito breeding ground.

Avoid making your home a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Try to remove any standing water around your home. These are usually the areas where mosquitoes breed.

Get rid of any water inside open containers around your home and in your yard. Try to check around your home as often as you can to make sure that even the smallest mosquito breeding ground in your home can be removed before they do any damage to you or your family.

Install window screens in your home in order to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. This will help keep the mosquitoes outside and making your home interiors safe from the threat of the West Nile virus.

Have your home decontaminated by using home-safe insecticide that targets mosquitoes. This will ensure that your home interiors remain as mosquito free as possible.

There are still more that can be done in order to lessen the threat of the West Nile virus in your own home. Remember that prevention is always the key to make your home problem free. The Center for Disease Control may be able to provide you with additional information about this virus threat.

Knowledge first and foremost will be able to help you how the virus affects humans and therefore may be able to help you better protect yourself and your family from the virus. Understanding the problem of the West Nile Virus may help you effectively prevent it from harming your home.