Causes of Self-Injury

What is self-injury?

Self-injury is a term used for the deliberate infliction of injury to oneself without the intention of suicide. Also known as self-harm, it is a type of behavioral disorder that may aim to relieve unbearable emotions or having sensations of unreality or numbness.

Self-injury is considered as one of the symptoms associated with people suffering from a borderline personality disorder as well as some form of mental illness. Self-injury may also come as a symptom for some people with a history of trauma and abuse as well as certain mental traits such as low self-esteem or perfectionism.

Causes of self-injury

There is no single cause that would lead one to self-injury. It may be a complex situation that may be brought about by a different mix of emotions.

Some experts have seen that people who engage in self-harm are usually those who are experiencing deep psychological pain or distress but seem to lack healthy ways to cope up with them. inflicting physical injury on themselves provide a means to distract them from the painful psychological distress that they are feeling and seem to help provide some sense of control over their otherwise uncontrollable situation.

Self-injury may also be the result of extreme feelings of emptiness in some people. Some would inflict physical pain on themselves as a way to feel something, even if it is physical pain. Another cause of self-injury may be certain medical conditions.

Self-injury may be a symptom for people suffering from some kind or personality disorder, depression, and even substance abuse, among other things. This abnormal behavioral condition may also occur in people who suffer from developmental disabilities such as autism and mental retardation.

Symptoms of self-injury

People may exhibit different types of self-injury. Some people with this condition may use cutting themselves as a means to cope up with emotional or mental strain. Others would prefer burning themselves through branding skin using very hot objects. Other types of self-injury include reopening wounds or picking at the skin to make wounds. Still others will resort to hair pulling or hitting oneself with a hard object.

Other forms of self-injury that people engage in include bone breaking, head-banging on walls, or having multiple piercing if it is done as a means to induce pain or as a form of stress relief.

For some people self-injury can become a compulsive act. It can become so addicting that people can’t just stop trying to inflict pain or injury on themselves. This is where this behavior may become a very serious problem.

Treatment for self-injury

Treatment for such conditions may depend on the seriousness as well as the type of self-injury that a person inflicts on oneself. But the usual treatment always involves the use of therapy along with medication. Since it is a behavioral problem, treatment should only be undertaken by a therapist or a qualified medical professional who understands such behaviors.