Cholesterol: What Your Level Means

Having a low cholesterol diet can be beneficial to people who are trying to look over the health of their heart.  That is because there are certain types of cholesterol that may lead to the development of clogged arteries in the circulatory system. But the body does need cholesterol for certain bodily functions. 

Cholesterol is needed by the body because it helps produce essential hormones as well as vitamin D. But what the body needs in terms of cholesterol can be taken cared of by a normal functioning liver, where it is being produced.

What should people look after is when cholesterol levels in the body reach unhealthy proportions. That is when people should consider a low cholesterol diet. It is when cholesterol in the body reaches unhealthy levels that it may affect the normal functioning of the body, especially in the circulatory system.

Blood is transported throughout the body from the heart through the blood vessels. The blood brings vital oxygen and nutrients needed by the tissues and the organs in the body.

High cholesterol level

When one’s cholesterol level is higher than normal, some of the cholesterol, which is transported by the blood through lipoproteins, remains in the arteries. As years pass by, this cholesterol deposit builds up into a waxy substance called plaque on the artery walls.

As this build up increases, it reduces the flow of blood in the arteries, reducing their ability to transport much needed blood throughout the body. The organs that are supplied by these blocked arteries may suffer the consequences since they may not receive enough oxygen and nutrients needed in order to normally function.

Cholesterol plaque may even build up through time until they block the artery completely. This blockage may either result into two things- a stroke or a heart attack. An arterial blockage that happens in a coronary artery may result in a heart attack. If the blockage prevents blood flow through the brain, it will result in a stroke.

Low cholesterol level

Having a low cholesterol diet may help prevent the gradual build up of excess cholesterol in the arteries. One way of doing this is by minimizing the consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol.

This includes foods coming from animal sources such as meat, egg yolks, milk and milks products. The cholesterol consumed through the food that wee eat is absorbed through the intestines and is added to what the liver produces.

A diet high in saturated fat has also been seen as a cause of high cholesterol levels in the body. The reason for this is because the liver makes use of certain nutrients in order to produce cholesterol, most especially from saturated fats.

The more fats the body has, the more nutrient supply the liver needs in order to produce more cholesterol. By trying to follow a diet that is low on cholesterol as well as saturated fats, one has better chances of keeping blood cholesterol level within healthy range.


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