Brain Exercise Made Simple

Brain exercise can help improve the way your brain actively works. Much like any other aerobic activity that you can provide for other parts of your body like the heart and muscles, brain exercise is necessary for the brain to have a better mental function and improve its activity. The key to putting the brain on exercise may be more than just putting the body in great physical activity. The exercise primarily has got to do with stimulating the nerve cells in your brain.

Active and regular nerve cell stimulation in the brain helps in activating new connections within the brain cells that allow them to transmit and receive information from one another more efficiently. Without stimulation, these connections may sometimes be disregarded by the brain cells in an effort to create more meaningful and more efficient connections with one another. That is why stimulation can also help keep these brain cell connections working. Stimulation comes from the senses and it is activated as you encounter different types of stimuli from day to day.

Learning new things would help put the brain to a good exercise. Learning how to write for example, helps provide the stimulus that enables the brain nerve cells to create new information pathways to one another.

In time, the skill of writing may become a routine task until such time that the brain cells have developed the connections that it requires to handle the action of writing. When this stimulus becomes a routine activity, the neural circuits are set and no new connections are being made. What the nerve cells in the brain want is new types of stimuli to allow it to develop new circuits.

In brain exercise, the idea of putting the mind into experiencing new stimuli through the senses is being put to work. The simplest way one can do to make it happen is trying to do routine tasks in a different way. As with the previous example used in learning to write, the routine way may be to try writing by using either the right or the left hand.

By trying to learn to write using your other hand, meaning the one that you don’t usually use, the brain is being put to a different kind of stimulus. This allows new connections to be established between the nerve cells in the brain. This simple brain exercise therefore can help your brain in functioning better in the long run.

In brain exercise, the simplest way of doing it is by trying to break away from seemingly routine everyday tasks. You can try brushing your mouth using the left hand if your usual routine of doing it is by using the right hand. If you usually stay at home, a change of scenery may also help stimulate your brain in a whole new environment. You can try camping out for the weekend and enjoy the different stimulus that being in another environment can provide.

The key to exercising the brain is to break out from the usual routine of doing seemingly ordinary tasks. This is done in order to help your brain cells make new connections that allow new information pathways to be built among the brain cells. It can be as simple as that.


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