Healthy Weight for Teenagers

Teen obesity has become a growing concern for a lot of parents. In a stage where teens are experiencing rapid development physically, mentally and emotionally, most parents think that losing weight might not be a good idea.

After all, teens should require all the nutrients that they need especially during the teenage years. Parents might even overdo providing what’s best for their children by giving them too much of everything, even when it comes to food.

Causes of obesity in teenagers

Obesity in teenagers is caused mostly by unhealthy eating habits as well as a serious lack of physical activities. In an age where teens have become accustomed to eating "fast food" in oversized portions, no wonder more and more teenagers are getting overweight.

Combine that with a generation that prefers playing video games and watching TV instead of taking an active part in physical activities, anyone can see where all these will lead to. And yes, teen obesity today has really become a very serous problem.

How to help your teen

The growing concern in teen obesity is really a serious matter that needs to be addressed. Teens themselves must be sensitive to the fact that obesity really is a serious condition that will have harmful consequences later on in life.

Studies have shown that obesity will eventually lead to a variety of ailments and diseases such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease and some types of cancers. It is very important that overweight teens also learn the value of the healthy way of losing weight as early as possible.

Overweight teens at times may become concerned about their weight gain and may resort to drastic measures to lose them. Some will go with crash diets in order to lose excess weight. This is known to be unhealthy and may also have serious consequences.

Many teens may utilize a variety of unhealthy weight loss methods without their knowing it. That is why teaching a teen of the healthy way of losing weight is important. Teaching them healthy weight loss habits to follow will make them become more successful in maintaining their weight the right way.

Eat breakfast

A good habit that teens should learn is not to forget eating breakfast. If ever they should be cutting back on what they eat, they should do it on the later part of the day, not during breakfast. The all-important breakfast provides the body with the energy that it needs to start off the day and throughout as well.

But breakfast should be eaten with nutrition in mind. Teens should make it a habit of eating healthy high fiber cereals, fruits, veggies and milk for breakfast to provide them the energy needed for the whole day.

Promote activity

Teens should also make it a point to take part in regular physical activities as part of their weight loss program. It is recommended that an hour’s worth of physical activity daily would be needed to help maintain a healthy weight.

Regular exercise can do a lot in helping teens lose weight. Taking part in a variety of sports may also help make teens keep physically active.

Other types of physical activities may do as long as they can be done on a regular basis and provide an hour’s worth of body workout. An activity as simple as walking done on a regular basis may do a lot.

As long as the motivation is there to maintain a healthy weight and making it fun at the same time, the road to losing weight might not be as difficult as it may seem for most teens.


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