How to Prevent Infections During Travel

While travel experts say that you should "pack light", this doesn’t apply when it comes to your health. You need to bring all the possible medications and other items you need in preventing infections or having your illness worsened during your travels abroad.

Here are some things to consider that you should include in your suitcase.

Extra supplies of prescription medicine – You need to bring your medications with you, as it can be challenging to get presciptions abroad. Put some of your medicines on your carry-on bag and on your checked luggage in case either one of them would get lost or stolen. It is best to keep prescription drugs in their original and properly-labeled bottles. Make sure that the name on the labels match the name on your identification or you won’t be allowed to bring them abroad.

Basic first-aid kit – Include pain relievers, antibiotic ointment, anti-diarrheal medication, and bandages in your first-aid kit. You can also opt to pack some sunscreen, extra prescription eyewear, and motion sickness medication if needed. Bear in mind that these simple items may be expensive or in short supply in foreign countries.

Hand wipes or hand sanitizers – Pack disposable hand wipes or an alcohol-based hand get that has at least 60% alcohol since not all places have soap and water available.

Check security precaution – Contact your airline to determine what items you can safely take on the plane with you, especially since security precautions can change often and may vary with your destination.