Causes of Female Infertility

Fertility can be a delicate subject between couples, especially if the female cannot sire a child. There are various reasons to this and the follow are the most common causes of female infertility.

Problem in the female anatomy – This can either be a blockage in the fallopian tube, a fibroid in the uterus, or a problem with the opening of the cervix. These factors may be caused by previous medications or surgeries. Other factors include mechanical issues, like a scar tissue that block the passageway of eggs or pelvic inflammatory disease. These may be treated with surgical intervention or other forms of specialized treatment.

Problem in the ovaries – Majority of female infertility cases are caused by issues with ovulation, such as complete ovarian failure due to hormonal issues and problems with detection of ovulation. This is usually evaluated and treated with medications.

Other factors – It is possible that a woman would have multiple or even unknown factors involved in her cause of infertility. A medical evaluation is much important because of this.


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